Issue Six: Taking AIM

"I guess I'll go next", Cap offers. "I'm pretty duarble...I'm also pretty strong - not Hulk strong or anything, but better than average...I can regenerate and alter my density, making me hard to physically's also difficult to injure my senses, as they are more resilitant than normal as well...I really don't have any useful powers, per se. I guess I'm just more of a battering ram. My shield is made of a vibranium/steel alloy, definately not as hard as Captain America's, but I've managed to learn a few tricks with it. My cape...this cape...belonged to William Nasland, also known as the Spirit of '76 back in World War II. He stopped using it when he became the second Captain America in the late 1940's. It's guess that's about it." Cap looks across the room and looks at Radical Warrior. "Since you seem to be stuck with us, even though you won't offically join the team, why don't you tell people about your abilities, Rad?"

Rad sits up in his chair and looks across the table at the collected heroes. "Uhhh...I read a lot of comic books...and I get to play chauffer when EnergyStar needs someone to drive the SuperBus back in Buffalo...beyond that, I can run really fast and create lightning storms. I can't fly either, but I can levitate and glide, so I can fake it really well. ...Oh! I can also make people pass out if I touch them." Here, he raises a finger into the air. "Anyone want to see?...Beyond that, I'm a pisces, enjoy puppies, and long walks along the beach."

Cap rolls his eyes.

Blackbird stands up next.

"I'm fairly strong myself - I've yet to actually test the limits of that, so I don't know how strong. Flipping the Captain's minivan-" he winces slightly at that "-was a little difficult by myself. I'm not tough enough to take bullets, and my force field isn't typically strong enough to withstand many hits either. I can fly quite well, and project two different kinds of force blasts from my palms. One's hard, the other's weaker and softer - relatively speaking, of course."

"In addition to that, I have an understanding of mechanical devices that does not seem to follow any linear progression. That's also untested, for the whole."

"I'm a test pilot and aeronautical engineer, with five years of US Air Force experience."

Energystar scowls at Radical Warrior when he refuses and starts to say something but then thinks better of it. She smiles at each person when they accept and then says, "Welcome aboard. New York is in good hands!"

She listens when Cap is giving the recap. When he was done she says quietly, "How come I wasn't given this information..." She snaps out of her loathing of Cap when the others starting discussing their abilities.

"Well I am a better fighter than I am strong. When I am fighting with my Adamantine Staff very little remains standing. It is also useful against those with sonic attacks, hench the disappearing act from Klaw.

As far as my powers go...well...I control energy. Hench the name, Energystar. I work with gravity and light.

With gravity I am able to fly, levitate things others and myself, create a force field, immobilize people, decrease weight, and increase weight. I increase the weight of my staff all the time in order to pack a bigger punch.

I use light to make things invisible, create a distracting and blinding flash of light, redirect/intensify/decrease light to affect others powers and if you need light... I have tried shooting lasars from my hand a few times as well as hypnotising people. I have yet to try and make myself and others invisible.

Lastly I have a poison touch that can paralyze people.

I also am pretty well off as far as money. My father left me with a descent trust and my inheritance was also substantial."

Originally Posted by Tila View Post
She listens when Cap is giving the recap. When he was done she says quietly, "How come I wasn't given this information..."[/B]
"I just gave it to you", is Captain's only reply.

"It's a little awkward when Mommy and Daddy are angry at each other, isn't it?", Rad asks Manta Man and Blackbird, sitting beside him. This earns him an angry glare from the Captain.

Continuing, the Captain adds "we should offer to hold a press conference sometime today as well, probably sooner rather than later." He turns from facing those at the table to look at 'Star. "The media is already clamoring with questions about what happened yesterday, and we need to show them the Avengers are still standing."


The Daily Bugle.

Inventor-turned-part-time-journalist Jack Phanzone sips from a coffee mug as he walks over to his usual desk, only to find it broken in half. Standing over it and staring for a moment, Jack eventually sets his coffee mugs down on the desk, only to watch it slide down to the floor, through the valley created by the left and right sides of his desk. Standing there a moment longer and staring at the rapidly spreading pool of coffee on the floor at his feet, Jack asks, of no one in particular. "I'm guessing I missed something while I was gone?"

"Venom and a couple of the Avengers had a fight here the other day. It's been pretty busy and nobody had a chance to finish all the cleanup. Desks for part timers, guests, and visiting freelancers were pretty much at the bottom of the priority understand...", Editor Kate Cushing quickly explains while travelling through the office.

"Ah", Jack replies.

Suddenly, a rumble shakes the floor, accompanied by the sound of breaking glass. There are several excited screams and people begin to flee through the office area. Jack thinks he heard someone say "scorpio" during the ensuing exodus of reporters and newspaper staff.

Reaching down to the shattered remains of the desk before him, Jack picks up a phone receiver, and holds it to his ear...only to find the cord dangling from the handset has been severed, probably by whatever smashed the desk. "Somebody call the authorities, please", Jack yells at the moving wall of people while calming scanning the area beyond them for the closest broom closet or men's room.



The William's Museum.

In an off-limits side hall, a series of velvet-lined display cases are revealed, each containing a vast array of gaudy jewelry and other gaudy baubles.

"Everything is ready for tonight's premiere, madam. The museum is very excited about debuting the collection", and older, balding man in a suit and tie says to someone off panel.

"Excellent", replies a female voice. Stepping from the shadows, we see the source of the reply: a platinum blonde haired woman, dressed in a white body suit, with a holstered pistol at her left hip.

"I will have my own security team in place, to complimet the museum's, this evening. My entire team, however, will not be here...", she says, gesturing to a group of individuals standing behind her, " we have some other pressing business to attend to this evening."


Quickly, Jack darts somewhere unseen... a few seconds later,
a colorful figure bursts out of the supply closet, getting ready for the worst.

Beorn looks a little nervous when his heroes start bickering. Unsure what to do with himself he sits and pretends not to notice.

With Cap's every word it is apparent that Energystar is more angry. She does refrain from saying anything further to keep the obvious awkwardness to a minimum.

"I will call my contacts and set one up. We should all be present and I will introduce the new members of the team. I think that will be all for now." She starts to walk out, turns to Cap and says, "Let's go work this out so we can stop making the team uncomfortable." She walks out.

Cap follows EnergyStar out of the room, leaving, somewhat awkwardly, Blackbird, Maelstrom, Manta Man, and Radical Warrior behind. Figuring it might be best to give Cap and 'Star some distance, no one makes an immediate move for the door.

Startlingly, the phone on the conference room table begins to ring. The gathered heroes look at each other for a moment before Radical Warrior breaks the silence "Hey, don't expect me to answer it: this ain't my team!"


The office of J. Jonah Jameson, Publisher of The Daily Bugle.

"Mac" Gargan was a psychopathic criminal. His transformation into the villain known as the Scorpion at the suggesstion of J. Jonah Jameson has not done anything to improve his mental state. Proving that insanity can be defined as the repetitive performance of an action with the expectation of different results, Gargan has once again decided to attack Jameson, who he blames for what he has become. This time is different, however. This time, there is no Spider-Man to come save triple-J.

Scorpion holds Jameson aloft by the collar of his shirt, as another figure appears in the doorway of Jameson's office: the hero known as PowerSurge!



"Wow", Jericho Tesla says, sipping a cup of tea while relaxing in an older-style upholstered chair. "That's a pretty wild story. But why are you explaining all of this to me now?"

"Because", the man in the green fez replies, waving his hand in front of Jericho's face "you won't remember a word of it..."


Beorn looks awkwardly after the retreating heroes and ventures a pained, "Heh. I thought he said I was in charge." Lacking a cymbal crash to punctuate it, his joke fell a tad flat. So it was that the ringing phone was a fine interruption and Beorn leaped to grab it, "Ermm....hello? Avengers. How may I direct your call?"

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"Ermm....hello? Avengers. How may I direct your call?"
"This is Sgt. Stan Case from...'direct your call'?...umm...anyway...we've recieved call from the offices of the Daily Bugle...seems there's yet another costumed-character, the Scorpion, on a rampage there and we were hoping you'd be able to lend us a hand."

Meanwhile, out in the hallway...

"What?", Cap asks 'Star, while leaning against the wall and crossing his arms; assuming his 'ready to get lectured' position.


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