Issue Six: Taking AIM

X gigles as this tall women banters on and on. My my my you sure to wander on when you talk. Forgive me I beleive I asked you your name first. Also from what I see here you are not that much taller then me my dear. I would gather you at around 7 foot tall. That puts you only a few inches taller then me. My name is X and I will leave it to the others to introduce themselves.

"Welcome," Blackbird states, somewhat formally, while he wonders if he should add 'to Earth.'

"I am Blackbird, formerly of the United States Air Force and a member of the current Avengers team. With regards to your whereabouts, I would hazard a guess that you have been teleported. This is a warehouse in Manhattan, New York."

Maelstrom had spent the aftermath of the battle avoiding meeting Cap's eyes by wandering around the property, binding Ko'd AIM agents in ropes of conjured concrete. There were a lot of unknown heroes around, but that was not unusual. Beorn hardly expected to know the people who went around in such lofty circles. Whenever anyone caught his eye, he just nodded and waved and turned away quickly before he was expected to know something.

However, when some fellow named Powersurge called everyone over, Maelstrom dutifully went. He accidentally caught Energystar's eye as she was being helped along by her bo and he coughed in embarrassment. "Some fight..." he managed.

Originally Posted by Energystar
"Can't anyone stop this room from spinning!?!"
Maelstrom's eyes widened. "That's how I feel all the time ..." he whispered, and opened a small hole in the Aegis so he could reach into his pocket for some Gravol. Bova had introduced him to it three days ago. It was great but it made him sleepy. "Try these.." he whispered handing Tonja the pills.

Originally Posted by That Tesla guy
Maelstrom perked up.

Originally Posted by Pulsar
"Well...that's just it...the recovered technology had something to do with travel, yes, but...we never managed to tap it's full potential. Flight...super speed...", here, Pulsar motions towards Rad, "these things were all based on technology recovered from the Orphu."
Alien technology? Time travel? Maybe this was a lead to get him home ...

Originally Posted by Agent x
Hello there I assume some one has told you my name it is Agent X. I thought that it might be a good idea to formally introduce myself. You don't really look that good Energystar.
Originally Posted by Energystar
"Agent X you say your name is? I assure you I have looked worse. I also can assure you that no Avenger is going to be telling you what they are privy to, without proper background checks being done on you first. One doesn't just walk up and ask the Avengers to give out all their information. You and Mr. Tesla have some stories to tell us before we let you into the fold.
Maelstrom sidled up to the big trench-coat, and, once having made sure Energystar is out of earshot whispers, "Don't worry. She's not feeling well at the moment. She's usually very nice..."

Then he caught her eye again and the glassy face somehow went crimson. "Right then. Let's just go, shall we?"

The arch is contained within what appears to be an etched circle on the floor of the room. There is a mild hum in the room accompanied by the feeling of static and the smell of ozone.

When you all have entered the room, the door falls closed behind you. As it makes an audible 'click' upon shutting, an automated message plays in the chamber...
"Ummm" Beorn speaks up. "That can't be good, right?" He considers trying to vaporize himself elsewhere, but ever since he learned the precariousness of the whole procedure, he's been too terrified to try again.

The overhead lights blow out one by one. The light from the arch is still enough to see clearly by. Suddenly, the arch itself explodes, hurling small pieces of debris in all directions at great speed (Good damage to everyone, reduced by Body Armor or Force Fields if appropriate). The room goes completely black. In a second or two, a second set of back-up lights kicks on. The arch is totally destroyed. The circle on the floor seems to be the outer perimeter of what looks like a blast radius.

Standing in the middle of the blast ring, is a seven-foot tall human female with a slight Mediteranean or Polynesian look, with long brown hair. Your fairly certain she was not there just a minute ago. And from the look on her face, she didn't expect you to be right where you are, either.
Swallow. Swallow. That looked familiar. He'd been studying teleportation for some time now, especially since the old Avengers had gone missing. Was this the same
Reason check?
Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 77
process, only reversed?

Originally Posted by Benni
"Wha?? Who are you? Wait... where is this? This isn't my lab." Benni shakes her head dizzily as she looks around wide-eyed as she takes a stumbling step forward, "ahh.. crap... my O.T.P.! It is destroyed!" Benni gasps as she looks at the small, small pieces of machinery scattered all over the place.

"Wait... why are you all so small. This isn't right. Something went very wrong. I was only supposed to teleport across the room." Benni mutters confusedly as she shakes her head and looks down at the strangely dressed people in front of her. "They look like they came out of comic books.. must have arrived at a halloween party??... but arrived where...and why are they small.. they aren't children... they look like adults ... what the heck happened.. breathe... take deep breathes.. focus.. you can figure this out. I need to get to my computer...wait... this isn't my lab."

Benni licks her lips nervously as she looks back at the strangely dressed and small people, "Who are you people and where am I?"
Others began to answer the woman, but something was wrong with their voices. They were getting smaller, hard to hear... The woman looked like everyone else, but she wasn't. Like him.... She didn't know where she was. Her machine ... had ... gone ...wrong ...

With a sigh, Maelstrom collapsed to the floor.

"Well I apologize for not being able to warn anyone..." Tesla begins after his regenerative properties kick in and his charred person becomes normal again. You see, i know this arch...kind of?....well we should talk more in private." Tesla tries to mentally note the symbols and then quickly puts on the old university charm. "I do believe, madam, you are suffering a teleportation version of vertigo.... or maybe it's more like deja vue in a quantum dimensional" he almost gets caught up in a theoretical physics monologue on syntax errors and quickly snaps out of it with a quick light slap to the back of his own head a-la Monty Python's John Cleese inspector sketch "Sorry about that mam, but at any rate we should all retreat to a more hospitable and less combustable area. prefferably the avenger's headquarters or stronghold."

Originally Posted by The Firkraag (Maelstrom) View Post
With a sigh, Maelstrom collapsed to the floor.
"Oh", Cap says, handing EnergyStar off to Rad's shoulder as he goes over to check on Maelstrom. Sitting next to him on the floor, Cap attempts to prop him up and fans his face with his shield on his arm.

Originally Posted by wazzguy (Jericho Tesla)
You see, I know this arch...kind of?...
Jericho is not alone in recognizing it...

"Oh, I almost forgot...", Pulsar starts, "before he left, Paladin told us..."

He doesn't get to complete the sentance.


A wave of force blows apart the small room you are standing in, levelling the walls, and knocking you all to the floor.

Standing over you, apparently having arrived through a hole he punched in the ceiling, is a creature some of you have encountered briefly before...
Desending through the same hole and taking his place beside his new apparent master, is the Avengers' former ally, Blue Marvel...or Crusader...or Marvel Boy...or whatever he's calling himself now...
The large purple-skinned man, which those of you who have encountered him before know as Thanos, has two small orbs, one blue and one red, orbiting his head at high speed, giving him the impression of wearing a purple halo.

"WE MEET AGAIN..." he grumbles in a low, resonating voice as he spies several of the heroes he has encountered before.


...More to come...

X looks up at this duo he recognises one of them. He glances around and can tell that the avengers recognise the other of the recently arrived duo. X smiles as he notices the mistake this guy just made. He blasted the entire room leveling everything around. Leaving his power's residue on everything in this room including the walls and the floor.

Hey there big guy remind me to thank you for the liberal aplication of energy power. It was a very interesting way to enter. I would give you an B for the entrance hers was better. While talking X has his hand on the floor next to him as he activates a power.

Originally Posted by General Barca (Agent X) View Post
Hey there big guy remind me to thank you for the liberal aplication of energy power. It was a very interesting way to enter. I would give you an B for the entrance; hers was better. While talking X has his hand on the floor next to him as he activates a power.
To his surprise, Agent X doesn't detect any remnant of Thanos power. That must mean he didn't blast a hole in the ceiling. He must have just kicked or punched the hole. D@mn.

"We have no idea what you're talking about!" Cap shouts in response to Thanos' 'give it to me now' speech.


With that, Thanos raises his hand. The two orbs circling his head fly down to his hand...

And where Agent X, Benni, Blackbird, Captain, EnergyStar, Jericho Tesla, MantaMan, Maelstrom, PowerSurge, Pulsar, and Radical Warrior once stood, only small steaming piles of blue goop remain...



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