03/08/998: Afternoon Return to Momma Toki's

03/08/998: Afternoon Return to Momma Toki's

As the group approaches the squat building they see Brrurik look out the door and go back inside. The door is open and it appears Momma is open for business.

Grundun Gemcutter

Welcome back, Ducy!
As the group approached, Grundun exhaled a sigh of relief that they'd managed to evade detection. Noting Burrik and Momma, he nodded to both of them, even as he also nodded at the winter wolf. He felt quite certain that the druid would know the nature of the beast with them, but just to be sure he signed that it was a potential ally. And hopefully the presence of three of the group's toughest enforcers right alongside the heavily wounded wolf would convey a relative lack of threat.

After providing the Stile greeting and signs of respect, Grundun said, "Momma, our esteemed visitor here was treated most roughly by the bastards in the city guard, and that after suffering the outrage of imprisonment inside a shipping crate! An accident set her free, and then when I saw her, I felt it was important to get her out of harm's way and bring her here."

Continuing, he said, "After some fancy dancing in Ender's Run, I got her away and met up with her underwater, and then we happened across Krellish, which was a mighty fortunate thing! After negotiating the initial meeting, the three of us hightailed it down and away and met up with our pair of fine enforcers here, who have some news of their own for you, I believe."

"I've healed the worst of her wounds and promised her safe passage here, which promise I've now kept, but I indicated that anything more than that would have to be taken up with you, as the mistress of this place. My hope is that we can all reach a friendly and profitable understanding." He bowed to Momma, and then said a few more words to the winter wolf.

"This is Momma, she's our leader, and she knows this entire area inside and out. She's also an expert on the natural world, and if you take a look around, you'll see that she treats her people -- humanoid and otherwise -- fairly and well. I hope you can work something out, but regardless, I'm glad you're free instead of in a cage or dead in the water, because you're far too magnificent to suffer either fate." He bowed again, this time to
I never got a name, and I probably would've small talked on the way over, but we can also say she was too hurt or tired to talk much, or that we had to keep quiet for stealth reasons.
the winter wolf.

a wiry female goblin with a mass of dreadlocks and a wicked smile full of teeth stained black from whatever foul mass she is always chewing on.
Momma Toki

Momma listens as Grundun explains the massive, wounded, and pregnant winterwolf with the group. “Roght, roght... She says nodding and looking the she-wolf over. "So ye be wantin ta bed down here fer a bit then eh? fine fine thats ok but mind yer manners don go eatin noone witout my sayso."
Momma motions to Rothmog who nods as he continues to work. “Set her up int he basement and make sure no one goes down there witout my leave." She turns to the others with a hopeful look. "So ye gots good knews fer me Im hopin?"

Rok Freeman

Rok holds up the bag he found in the sewers, "I think this is what we were looking for. Apparently there was some fun in the sewers that I missed, but all in all I think every thing worked out."

a wiry female goblin with a mass of dreadlocks and a wicked smile full of teeth stained black from whatever foul mass she is always chewing on.
Momma Toki

Momma cracks a wide smile as Rok raises the missing bag. “OH excellent EXCELLENT! She says clapping her gnarled hands together.

"Kerllish, I needs ya to mind buizniss here while I take dat ta the Greb. I send ye word once alls well, might not be back tills afta the ritual, toebiter will come wit me. Keep heavy watch someones gonna be lookin fer that shewolf, I'll talk wit her fore I goes.

She grabs a staff with a head made of twisted gnarled roots and gingerly takes the pouch from Rok opening it and sifting through the contents.

"I be gittin yer 'ward fer findin the pouch soon as all this is smoothed out couple days at most. yer welcome to stay here till we find other rangements fer ya here in town.

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