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That is, of course, when the bonus is in fact tied to attack x, rather than circumstance X wherein one normally has the opportunity to execute attack x (the example case, for instance).

Originally Posted by Crossroad View Post
Character in question is a Human Fighter, advices in shifting feats are also welcome.
Mobile Challenge, Reaping Blade are some that I could find. If you want to really shift @Paragon, get a Predator Druid

Originally Posted by Michael View Post
Use the force Letho.

I had completely forgotten about that XD... Awesome as always, too bad 4e doesn't have an SRD...

Originally Posted by Crossroad View Post
Hmmm... Okay, re-confirming my case.

Everybody Move (PHB3), causes all enemies in Close Blast 3 to be pushed 1 square, no attack roll. Does it work with together with Rushing Cleats (close or melee attack)?
Hmm... I believe it wouldn't work. If the header of the power says attack, it is, but in this case it says Utility.

Originally Posted by Tedronai View Post
got a page number on Everbody Move, or the relevant text, or even class/level?
Everybody Move is a Skill Power tied to Intimidate. You can find the details in PH3 on p172. Skill Powers are Utility Powers designed to leverage your training in a given skill.

I'm with Letho on this one: Rushing Cleats don't work with Everybody Move. You're not attacking; you're using your menacing presence to force everyone back a step.

Agreed. It's not an Attack Power, but a Utility Power, and thus is not an attack.

Mmm, then Daily stances or zones that give damage or whatnot without attack rolls are not Attack Powers, either?

PS: Looks like it's turning out not to be a Quick Q&A after all...

EDIT: Header? There is a Header? +slaps forehead+ I probably skimmed past those... I'll recheck. Thanks.

Next to the name, it says let's say, "Unstoppable Advance Fighter Attack 1". It says attack, even it is a stance, so it is an attack.

Edit: IMHO.

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