This is what I get for letting Asterisk choose the name of the new OOC thread... I had to let her chose cause I was writing in her name, cause I was far too lazy to sign into my own profile.


Apparently craic is the Celtic word for "good conversation". Yeah, she's slowly trying to add class to my life.

Anywho, I'll be giving us a new story thread at the end of this city scene. That way, we can start off with some good ol' cut scenes. Wheee! I have some good ones planned. ^_^

Full of death and destruction, murder and mayhem, no doubt.

*visualized the death of a village at the hands of a singing undead warlock*

Either that or gut-wrenching, heart-wringing sorrow and agony of spirit. Crushing despair and all that. It's what he does.

Speaking of which, I'll be posting with Ruve straightaway, soon as I get my ducks in a row.

So, my fiance and I are headed back to my parents house for Turkey day. Which means a lovely 7-hour car ride. They do have internet there (*thanks her lucky stars*), so I will be able to pop on from time to time. However, since I haven't been home in almost a year, I will be enjoying my family. Oh, and doing wedding stuffs.

Just to give you the heads up.

Ooh, have fun with that!

I'm still working on a Ruve post between insurance calls, so I won't be leaving you in the lurch!

Sorry guys, I know I'm letting you down here. The problem is the post is a tricky one to write, and I am really limited on time. Tomorrow's going to be even worse, though. I'll try really hard to get a post up tonight, but if I can't please don't hate me? *big pleading eyes*

Sam never mentioned Sel's name, so is what Kailan said the wording you want to go with? Do I need to get all paranoid?

I apologize. I forgot that she didn't mention her name. I'll quickly see if anyone else did and, if not, then I'll change it. He wouldn't know it if no one told him it.

EDIT: Right, the name has been changed to "m'lady".


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