Asterisk, your talent is only outshone by your beauty. This is amazing! And the jewelry is fabulous, LizRd. You two have done a spectacular job. Yes, I believe we are in autumn, despite the flowers. Maybe they have some really talented gardeners in Katar.

Edit: Well, dauph sounds like the expert here. I'll side with her.

*laughs* Ok, I know Fuzzy, but I wasn't sure if Sam would want to be around them again. But yes, I sort of asked for that. *grins*

Oh, Kossil, I just saw your wedding pictures on Facebook. You looked amazing

Congratulations on your wedding and may you and yours live a long and happy life together.

I wish Sam wasn't so right. *sigh* I don't like for our group to be separated. It's more ways for NE to make all of us suffer.

Triple post for me! Wheeee!

Who's in the tent? I'm guessing Norsam, of course, but where did Maloria go? And is Conner back from his stroll through camp?

Maloria never made it to the Commander's tent - she wandered off. Conner isn't back yet. The tent just has Norsam and Ruvria, really. R-rawr?

So cruel, Fuzzy! Just one little inadvertently suggestive comment and Sam's given Ruve an internal crisis.

I am sure NE is very proud. Just as I am sure you did it on purpose. *wink*

@Kossil - Is Cady going to respond to Braiden, or are you ready for me to move you two along?

@everyone - Asterisk and I have moved into a new house. As of yet, this house does not have internet, which means our posting will be reduced. We're trying to fix this as swiftly as possible, but have patience. We're not ignoring y'all, I promise!

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