No, no, silver is indeed less heavy than lead for the same quantity. Doesn't mean Sel likes having her weight discussed by you men

Conner just couldn't let the cheesy comment go! It's not his fault!

Tee-hee! I wonder how he'll react to Sel teasing him about something she doesn't get.

Someone should really tell her what that's all about.

Yeah, she wasn't really doing herself any favors, there. *giggles*

I went ahead and posted her response as well as Conner's. Enjoy!

Oh, fine. Where do we post them then?

Oh, ok, must've missed it.

EDIT: There, I fixed it and made it pretty! Also, there's no need for a response from Conner at this point, so carry on, my dear!

Pah, you and your responsible-ness!


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