It's up!

So, I might have gotten a little carried away with the idea of Conner buying a dress... >_>

Also? The starting post of our new thread is 15 pages. I know, it's a good way to do things.

On a more sad note, I'd like to thank November for all her hard work in Crows. She's put up with a lot from me and I appreciate it. Don't worry, Chrysta will be back, but she's going to take a break for now. Don't know how long it'll be, either. *shrugs*

Alright! Let the posting begin! Thanks for being patient with me while I got that sucker up. ^_^

Awww... November, it's sad to see you go. I hope you come back real soon. I'm sorry our characters didn't get the chance to interact more than this. I liked her, and I enjoyed your input into the game.

*sniff sniff* Aww, I'm gonna miss Chrysta.

On a different note, things are going to turn very interesting once Cady figures out what Ass-modeus is up to. The fiance has given me a few ideas.... I'm eager to try them out!

Well done, sir! This is very exciting - a whole new thread and everything! I'll have to cobble together a really good post so I can feel adequate to the majesty of your talent.


In all seriousness, though, I think it's really good.

It is now Day 84.

Still waiting for an answer from our excellent DM before I post myself

Can I be a pain and ask what our wagon looks like?

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