The Saga of Gerwin - Episode 2 (Treachery in the Trees)

The Saga of Gerwin - Episode 2 (Treachery in the Trees)

The gates to Hlaungadath close behind you shortly after you ride out, and all you have left of the Order is the powerful Necklace of Eclipse, hanging loosely around your neck, glinting in the high desert sun.

For hours you ride, passing one sand dune after another in a seemingly infinite progression, until at last the ground begins to turn rocky, and tall peaks stand off in the distance, reaching skyward to pierce the clouds. The sand soon falls away, until the ground is all rock and craggle. Certain sections require you to dismount and lead the horse by its reigns, such is the danger here.

After a little while, the ground starts building upwards, each stone becoming a boulder, the pointy crags and small holes becoming large overhangs and gaping chasms in the earth.

Up ahead, you notice the mountain road forks at the base of a small peak, one road leading left and the other right. There is a sign in the shape of an arrow, with the word Tilverton written upon it, but unfortunately it is broken, hanging loosely and pointing downwards,.

Gerwin takes few breaks leaving the poor horse barely time to regain strength. Not that it was not tiring for herself. The sun was getting hotter every minute and she was spending a whole lot to much of her drinking water then that what she should. Now and then she pauses to give the horse something to drink. First she feared it would break down if she wouldn't and second because she could stretch her legs a bit. The sandy environment was dull and repetitive on one hand but had its own beauty. She had lots of time to think of what was happening. She somehow was getting freer by every minute. After all it was the first physical separation from Joachim with the variant of not really knowing of each others whereabouts. It did not matter, they would somehow find back together, she was certain of it. Then again she was happy to be on her own. It was the first time... well when she came to think about it: ever. First it were her parents then her brother and sister and then came the a bit different kind of entrapment by her husband. Not that it was bad to be trapped, but it sure was different to be free, and she did enjoy it a lot.

As the sand turned to dry more solid ground she smiled. It was a bit like herself. As she progressed so did she become firmer. Perhaps in the end she would be able to be rich soil so a strong tree could get grip and grow. But she was only at the beginning of a probably long journey, who would know what was to come?
She had her fun watching lizards rushing off and hiding here and there for while, but then she lost interest and dedicated herself again to thoughts her mind drifting in void.

As she reached rocks and with that difficulties she had not yet experienced a nightmare began. The horse was hard to lead and she was not the strongest. She often had to return and probably took double the time a experienced rider would take to lead the mount. But she eventually managed just fine only to find herself before a big option.

As she reached the crossroad she inspects the sign hoping to identify how it broke and which was the most likely path she would have to take. Eventually she gets out a bit of cloth and ties the road sign back together as indicating the direction she was going to take, be it the right one or the false. She could always return and take the other route later. Had she found out nothing she would take the left path. But destiny wrote in riddles and her path was not predestined ... yet.

Gerwin will inspect the roadsign as good as possible before making her decision. Should it prove inconclusive she takes the left path, if it is more likely it was the other one she takes the other one.The skill/save/ability check 'Spot' was not foundThe skill/save/ability check 'Search' was not foundThe skill/save/ability check 'Appraise' was not foundThe skill/save/ability check 'Survival' was not found

You wrack your mind for something to aid here, but find nothing. The sign is no help either, and you are left with nothing but your own gut feeling.

And left it is...

Up ahead, a path of rocks and pebbles winds forward over the sand and dirt, winding gently until it disappears at a turn up ahead. Off in the distance, trees as far as the eye can see, and probably farther still. Crags of rock stand around you, beside the path, and such is their variation that at times the path is almost walled from the sides, until the crags drop in size again, allowing you full view of your surroundings.

Up ahead further still, a dark mass lies in the middle of the path, unmoving in the heat of the day. You may not be the most informed person hereabouts, but you can tell a corpse when you see one...and there was no mistaking this.

Gerwin sights as she can't find anything usefull to aid her pointing out a direction, then moves along the rocky path dragging her mount behind when needed and mounting it when she can. It was somehow unconfortable to move this way as it seemed to cut off any chance to get of the track, and there for any chance to evade unwelcome travellers in oposite direction or something huge in a hurry from behind should need be. As Gerwin was pondering a solution for this problem there is a huge mass in front of her.

Ignorand of the danger, or better, unafraid of perrils that might be related to the death of what ever it might be that lied there gerwin continues at her current pace. As she reaches the corpse she takes the time to
The skill/save/ability check 'Spot' was not found
inspect it carefully up high from her mount and as she recons that there is no perril lurking inside she dismounts checking out the body more closely.
The skill/save/ability check 'Search' was not found if nothing speaks against it she will take her time taking a 20 on the check
Looking for what might have caused the creature to decease earlyer, and what after all this bulk of meat was... praying that it was not
The skill/save/ability check 'Knowledge (nature)' was not found
human since she was aproaching it. Also from time to time her head goes up
The skill/save/ability check 'Spot' was not found
inspecting her sorrounding hoping that nothing is creeping in on her.

Well gerwin went up a level since Women left behind, can she gain a Druid level already or shall I continue Fighter lvs until indicated otherwise?

Knowledge nature:
Dice Roll: 1d20+3
d20 Results: 15 (Total = 18)
These dice were omitted, altered, or moved: 1d20
Original Dice: 1d20
These dice sets were omitted or moved: 1d20, 1d20, 1d20+3

As you edge closer, you see that the body is that of a small boy, lying face-down in the dirt. His head is turned outwards, the mouth and face curled into a cry of pain. The body is dressed in simple farmers' clothing, a plain brown tunic and two-pocket trousers, alongside thin shoes of an unknown hide.
The boy's left leg is horribly bloated and swollen, accompanied by two small holes in the center. Beneath him, the dirt and dust show signs of a struggle, or perhaps a futile attempt to move while dying.

You stop to look around, but see nothing in the immediate area.

Gerwin looks to the side as she realises what this corpse is and throws up not far from it. After a while, which she mostly spent throwing, she then does as she had planned and inspects the boy in more detail. Her face is pale, but it had to be done. Afterall she did not know what to expect and hoped to find out.

Her effords seem to bring no useful hints and she decides it is best to bury the corpse. No beeing should be left to rot in the open. Then it came to her, nor was she strong enough, and in this heat it would take her ages to finish the job, as well would it not take long before the first necrofagus creature were to appear, and it was perhaps best not to be around by then. She decided it was best to leave the body as it was, as it was not her way to burn a body. She saw this act as blasphemy and as degrading as killing it in the first place.

She picks up a hand of dust and symbolically drops it over the boys body scattering it. "May you rest in peace." she whipers.

Looking around one last time she then mounts her horse and continues on her own way.

A sprinkle of dust, and you leave the corpse behind you. Whatever killed the boy, there is nothing you can do for him now...

You are not riding long before you hear a faint chittering sound, an odd noise in an otherwise quiet landscape. It rises and falls in volume and pattern, sometimes a single burst, sometimes several.

Though you are no expert, you're pretty darn sure its coming from up ahead, though only rocky dirt and occasional crags fill your vision.

Gerwin still taken by the corpse she had left behind shivers shortly. What ever it was this promised no good. She took the reins of her horse tighter in case latter was going to try to commit mutiny if a fight broke out. She had pondered descending just so she would not fall of in case of peril but then this way she would be able to escape easyer if need should call for that decision, after all she was no experienced fighter and taken the ocasional rabbit the biggest thing she had killed was a piglet.

She readied the club she had taken from her trainings, just in case. And kept her eyes open for the origins of the sound.

Just what she needed! A hostile, beast awaiting her after a days ride through the desert. This did not promise anything good and she hoped it was but her imagination. Then again the boy back there did not help hope much and she was thinking of turning around the other way ...

Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 17 (Total = 22)
Handle animal:
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 18 (Total = 25)
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 5 (Total = 12)

Gerwin steadies her horse, bringing her club up for protection. Peering cautiously ahead, you quickly discern exactly what's been making the chittering sound.
From around one of the thicker rock crags comes a small spider, its hairy body far larger than any regular forest spider. It chitters excitedly, and is quickly joined by two more, dozens of eyes staring you down.

After a brief moment
Please roll Initiative, and any actions Gerwin takes
they advance, slowly at first but faster as they near their prey - you!


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