Main Gladiator Thread

Main Gladiator Thread

One post per person, please. No other comments or chatter in this thread. Post your gladiator's information in the following format:

Make the name a link to your sheet.
Bob the Destroyer of Worlds
Race: Pseudonatural Paragon Half-Troll Gnome
Classes: Fighter 9 || Sorcerer 9
Alignment: Chaotic Perky

Ascended Gladiators
  • Beorn - Feral Wood Elf Werebear || Cleric / Divine Oracle - Mirtai
  • Whoop There It Is - Evolved Drow Ghost || Marshall / Master of the Unseen Hand - TheHumanDynamo
  • Ocho - Half-Dragon Anthro-Squid || Warblade / War Hulk - Ithamar
  • Sir Smash - Kobold Sorcerer || Cleric / Ordained Champion - templer10
  • Deebo - Half-Dragon Insectile Bladerager Troll || Warblade / Deep Warden - TheHumanDynamo
  • Hitme - Lolth-Touched Jovoc || Dragonfire Adept - Ithamar
  • Fists of Fury - Human Wizard / Swiftblade || Ranger / Monk - templer10
  • Crusader - Lolth-Touched Anthropomorphic Elephant of Legend || Crusader - templer10
  • See You Next Fall - Human Archivist / Sacred Fist || Monk / Swordsage

Name: Panzer
Race: Half-Bronze Dragon Lammasu
Classes: Totemist || Cleric
Alignment: Lawful Good

Name: Puff the Magic Dragon
Race: Multiheaded Faerie Dragon
Classes: Sorcerer / Mindbender
Alignment: Neutral

Name: Red the Courageous
Race: Naturalborn Were-Dire Badger Grey Elf Tauric-Dire Badger
Classes: Fighter / Druid
Alignment: Neutral

Name: Squiggy
Race: Half-Dragon (Black) Feral Anthropomorphic Giant Squid
Classes: War Hulk || Sorcerer
Alignment: Neutral

Name: Icky Thump
Race: Sun Giant Monster of Legend
Classes: Duskblade || Cleric of Pelor
Alignment: Lawful Good

Name: Whizzer
Race: Human (Evolved Gravetouched Ghoul)
Classes: Battle Dancer / Shiba Protector || Swift & Deadly Druid
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Name: Gary the Ghaele
Classes: Cleric / Swordsage || Warblade
Race: Ghaele, Outsider (Good, Chaotic, Extraplanar)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Path: Ironman

Classes: DRAGON!

Name: Larry of Lernia
Classes: War Hulk
Race: Hydra Monster of Legend
Alignment: True Neutral
Path: Ironman

Name: Mother In Law
Classes: Wizard
Race: Pit Fiend
Alignment: Lawful Evil

Name: Clayface
Classes: Crusader || War Hulk
Race: Clay Golem
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

When I Get You Alone
NE Male Astral Stalker
Astral Stalker/Swordsage//Sorcerer/Initiate of the Sevenfold Veil
Path: Ironman

Tackle Football
CE Male Bladerager Troll of Legend
Bladerager Troll/Monster of Legend/Barbarian//Dungeoncrasher/Barbarian/Bear Warrior

CE Male Insectile Lolth-Touched Half-Gorristro Anthropomorphic Elephant
HD3/LA3/LA1/LA2/Hulking Hurler1//Psychic Warrior 10

No Punch Backs
CE Male Insectile Lolth-Touched Half-Gorristro Advanced Sahuagin

Name: Jabba the Hutt
Race: Feral Insectile Ormyrr
Classes: Fighter 11/Martial Rogue 16/Monk 2
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Name: Ned Flanders the Third
Race: Trumpet Archon
Classes: Trumpet Archon 12 // Crusader 12
Alignment: Lawfully Goodily, like Sunshine and Raisins!

Name: Will o Wisp
Race: Will o' Wisp
Classes: Ranger 6 / Order of the Bow Initiate 10 // Will o Wisp 14 / Armed 2
Alignment: Neutral

In Progress

name: quickdraw
race: petal
classes: petal/OA samurai 4/Iajutsu master 5/swordsage 8 [] sorcerer 20
alignment: LN

Name: Words of power
Race: half celestial half fiend human
classes: Half celestial/half fiend/marshel (1)/chameleon 10/exampler 1 [] truenamer 20
alignment: N

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