The Game

With a slightly embarased cough, Jace looked sheepishly towards the owner of the arm.

"Where am I going? Would you believe that I was going to meet up with you at the door? To be honest, I feel like I should know you- maybe from There? Memory's a bit fuzzy, you know. But, first, lets establish a bit of trust, shall we? I mean, we don't know each other at all." A brief glimpse of suspicion flashed through his eyes as his body slightly tensed. "For the duration of this conversation, I won't decieve or trick you, nor seek you harm, in exchange for the same promise. Cross my heart, needle in my eye. Agreed?" The words to a pledge.

- OOC: Pledge details -
Type: Vow
Cost: 1 willpower (from Jace)
Task: Lesser Alliance (+0)
Boon: Lesser Favor (other's pledge) (+1)
Sanction: Flaw (needle in the eye) (-2)
Duration: Conversation (+1)

Eoghaill felt the Wyrd coalesce as the words were spoken. "Aye. I remember his dancers, but I wasn't there for long." He pulls his arm away from the path, and crosses them about his chest.

"Let's take leave. Soon the Others will catch wind of our meeting, and will send death unto us. After you."

Eoghaill walks towards the door opening it to the Hedge.

Cael just watches the others, seeing the two men met and walked outside.
I don't like the way this day is going, seems like these folks might have similar circumstances though.

Eoghaill tries to open the door to the hedge, but when he does, the hedge shifts to block his path, making an impenetrable wall of thorns

Ivy sharply turns to the man in front of the door, his reaction gave her cause to be alert as she turned her head to gain a clear view, seeing the wall of thorns; "This isn't good..." She whispered.

"Well, it appears that someone doesn't want us running off into the Hedge," the thief whispered, "probably a good idea, considering everything. Either that, or its responding to everyone's feelings of being trapped.

"In any case, there's still others here that we're connected to... or at least I felt some form of pull towards that young lady there,"
he said, waving one hand in Ivy's direction, "and towards that guy there," nodding towards the final person. "Might I suggest that we attempt to converse with these two- perhaps they're potential allies against a certain nebulous threat?"

I'm assuming I'm the "final person" if not then ignore this post.

Seeing one of the men at the door gesture in his direction, Cael gets up and starts walking over to introduce himself.
Well, maybe he has the same feeling about me that I have about him.

Hi there, my name's Cael.
He says, offering his hand.
This might sound a little crazy, but I just can't shake this feeling that we've got something in common.

Well, if I'm wrong maybe he'll just assume I'm an overly friendly drunk or something.

Dice Roll: 5d10s8e
d10 Results: 2, 9, 5, 3, 8 (Total Successes = 2)


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