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Just specify me who takes a potion on him or you would rather
which is what I strongly recommend!
carry all of them within the bag of holding!
I think Daerwol would prefer to carry his share of the healing potions; they won't help in mid-combat if the person carrying the bag is someone other than you!

He will pass on the rest of the stuff, just taking his share of the coins/cash.

I suggest everyone take 2 CMW potions to place on their person. Left overs go into the bag of holding.
Boramin uses a cantrip to clean the cloak to reveal its true value.
The two elixir's of truth should also be a group item to help with interrogations. Perhaps one used on the bugbear sorceror?

Loot split: Each share:
1448.5 gp
old amount 3192.3 gp
wand of Magic Missile, 5th level, 13 charges (487.5)
scroll (of Mount) (12.5gp)
Coin: 2692.3gp

Boramin has a handy haversack so he can take some of the loot.
Otherwise we find a spot away from the ruins and stash the heavy gear there.

Daerwol can carry the Bag of Holding; I'll mark it on his sheet.

The potions are distributed and done, not on loan, right?

Just as a side note, I think Jorr should have a claim to a real part of the loot (50% of ours I think) just like a normal NPC would get. It's not like he didn't help. Giving him the heavy part that none of us want to keep sound a bit cheap.

Other than that, I am happy with the loot splitting as it is.


Wow... It is quite astonishing how a loot sharing might goes out of hand so quickly!!! It reminds me of some issue of firing while grappling... but that's another story!!

Since I think I'm still the GM of this game, I have probably my word to say... and as far as I know, GM's word is the rule! So unless you haven't read what I wrote earlier about loot carrying/sharing, you are making a mountain out of nothing! Shall I remind you that it is PbP game, and no tabletop!

So here are my decision:
  • Jorr has a contract with you from the start which involves a salary by day, depending if he gets involves into fights or not! So in his case, there will be no participation to loot sharing!
  • The loot is valued at half the book price and share evenly between party's members!
  • You buy back the items you would like to keep for personal with the amount of share you get!
  • You can loan some money from the others if the object's cost is higher the share amount!
  • The rest of the stuff that it is not bought back, goes into oblivion until you get to the nearest town, for selling purpose!
  • Encumbrance is not an issue with what you don't buy back... but if you did not pay for it, you cannot use it later!
  • Party's items are removed from the loot calculation and given to specific members with, probably, a note that specifies it is party's property!

So as far as I remember, I already gave away the amount of individual share in Sirfinn's former post but here it is once more:

Total: 5794 gp
Each share: 1158.8 gp

Hope that clears things out, and that finally sets it! Well it does for me... so back to the game please!

BTW, if you really want to interrogate the bugbear, it would be good that I have some questions to answer...

First thing, Jorr's salary is 10 gp/day!

Second, effectively I did not add the CMW potion in the loot since it is acquired by the group ( 2 each and the rest in the bag!). And neither the bag of holding!

Third, I do consider encumbrance but for what you got lately, you already set your hands upon anything valuable! Mundane stuff can be left behind, hidden somewhere as one of the group already said earlier. Magical stuff or valuable one that you will keep will have to be accounted for though!

Fourth, I do think that the bag of holding is handy even if you don't full it with all the scrap you gather in an adventure!

Fifth, on with the game!!

New Add to the Loot

  • gauntlets of Ogre Power 2000
  • bastard sword, +1 frost 4167.5
  • mithral chain shirt +1 1050
  • staff of life 77875
  • huge spiked gauntlet +1 1152.5

Total: 7217.5
Each: 1443.5

I did not add the staff because it would be logical that it becomes a group item... unless you decide otherwise. Did the same thing for the gauntlet but this will be further explain in the upcoming information!

While I doubt he will be alone in this, Enzo could use the chain shirt. His is a non-magical mithral chain shirt, and he can certainly use the +1 AC.


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