Can any use the bastard sword, +1 frost? Shame to have to sell such a nice blade.

Staff of life? Question do we raised our fallen dragon warrior in the courtyard.

The new money total for each of you is : 2602.3 gp each

As for my personal opinion upon raising NPCs, I would say no, using a charge for nothing... because it does have a limited number of charges... 7 to be precise!!

Also, I forgot to add info about the gauntlet. I will edit my last post with a spoiler describing the Huge spiked gauntlet!

Oye, Oye, I made another omission... May be you should get a new dm... well it was the coinage that i did not add to the loot!

So here it is, with your new total: 3192.3 gp each

P.S.: I continue to split in five parts since Jorr is joining the group instead of only helping! That way he will also have a chance to improve, meaning getting new levels!!

I guess Mellavin carries the staff in case of dire needs. Otherwise he can't use anything (he already has gauntlets of ogre power). If it only has 7 charges, it is only 7/50th of the price, but I guess nobody is going to insist on selling it.

Skull Gorge Bridge

  • breastplate +1 675
  • 8 banded mail 1000
  • 9 heavy steel shield 90
  • MW bastard sword 92.5
  • MW composite longbow (+1 Str) 100
  • 153 arrows 7.65
  • 8 MW longsword 660
  • 8 MW composite longbow (+2 Str) 1200
  • 7 potion of CMW

Total: 3825.15
Each share: 637.52

Goblin Raid/Chimera Attack

  • Studded leather +1 x3 1762.5
  • buckler x3 22.5
  • MW scimitar x3 247.5
  • MW composite short bow x3 337.5
  • potion of CLW x5
  • chainmail x5 375
  • heavy steel shield x5 50
  • MW longsword x5 412.5
  • composite longbow (+1 Str) x5 500
  • 100 arrows 2.5
  • potion of CMW x2
  • scroll of Fly 187.5
  • scroll of Haste 187.5
  • scrolls of Invisibility x2 150
  • scroll of summon monster IV 350
  • ring of protection +1 1000
  • cloak of resistance +1 500
  • MW spear 76

Total: 6085 gp
Each: 1217 gp

Is the loot from Skull Gorge Bridge already divided? (not that Mel wants any of it, but I'm not sure I recorded the gold).
Anyway, he is interested in the ring of protection or the cloak of resistance.

I guess the scroll of summon monster is as arcane as the others?

Yes the loot for Skull gorge has been divided up and money split.
Boramin would like
scroll of Fly 187.5
scroll of Haste 187.5
scrolls of Invisibility x2 150
scroll of summon monster IV 350
Total 1025
Coin : 192gp
and a potion CLW

I think we go round-robin picking, yes? Just need to determine order, with... a random number?
Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 4
OK, so I'm going first or last, depending on low/high or high/low.

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