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OK, so I'm going first or last, depending on low/high or high/low.
Don't you have to decide that in advance?

Dice Roll:
d100 Results: 97

Usually it goes through simple discussion between party's members... but if you want to go that way, I don't mind!! Just remember that the price beside the item is what you must reduce from your
Apart for the group item which are usually Curing potions and wands!
loot share!

@Bbender: Even if Skull Gorge loot has been already split, Mellavin has still his share of it!!

Actually there is nothing Arteris would desperately want in that loot! The Templar will take the money... to buy things he needs later.

Hmm, looking at the list again, I don't think Daerwol can use the scrolls as the spells are not on his list (except Fly). And he already has a matching magic ring and cloak, so... yeah, just his share of the profits from selling the non-magic equipment.

I agree with eric that healing items should go into a group pool; we can decide who carries them but they get used by whoever needs them.

Road Blockade

  • Hide armor x2 15
  • Great Club x2 5
  • Large Spears x40 40
  • Breastplate +1 x2 1350
  • heavy steel shield x8 80
  • MW bastard sword x2 185
  • MW composite longbow (+1 Str) x2 350
  • arrows x160 4
  • chainmail x6 450
  • MW longsword x6 495
  • composite longbow (+1 Str) x6 600
  • potion of CLW x6
  • potion of CMW x2

Total: 3574 gp
Each: 714.8 gp

I did not give value to the potions since they will probably become group item! Just specify me who's going to transport them or how they will be sgared. And update your character sheet accordingly, please!

Boramin will hold a CLW potion for emergencies. Means CLW x5 and CMW x2 to distribute between the remaining 4.
Clerical types CLWx1
Non clerical CMW x1 and CLWx1 or CLWx2 for whomever dibs last. <G>

Ruins of Rhest

  • hide armor x6 45
  • great club x6 15
  • morning star x2 8
  • MW studded leather 87.5
  • shortsword +1 x2 2310
  • banded mail x3 375
  • heavy steel shield x3 30
  • MW longsword x3 472.5
  • MW comp. longbow x3 900
  • 60 arrows
  • 155 gp
  • 320 sp (32 gp)
  • jewelry = 100 gp
  • half-plate armor +2 2375
  • heavy steel shield +2 2085
  • periapt of Wisdom +2 2000
  • silvered morningstar +2 4199
  • horn of Fog 1000
  • 8800 sp (880 gp)
  • 2300 gp
  • 130 pp (1300 gp)
  • jewelry=400 gp
  • gems = 115 gp
  • 600 sp (60 gp)
  • 120 gp
  • letter in a delicate-looking wooden and silver box.

Total: 21364 gp
Each: 4272.8 gp

Mellavin is interested in the periapt of wisdom.

Mild interest in the morningstar, but it's a bit expensive.

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