Issue Eight: Get Together

Benni smiles at Energystar and assures her she will be applying for acceptance into AEF in the morning.

X looks over at Energy star she can see that he is flipping this idea through his mind. Humph control slash desk work or action action and more action. I am surprised not to long ago I would not have made the same decision. I have spent a good amount of my life working to bee a better agent. Though I do plan on doing some work with the new AEF team. I think it is time you start calling me Chris or Christopher Alexander Micheals. I guess that would be my decision then. I do hope you have no problem working with me. Chris not X would grab his contact cell and make the arrangements with D7. They have him working as an Agent right now and they need to be informed. Chris wants to leave things good so there is no problem. Well I am working with you now. The government liaison for the new Avengers North.

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Energystar mingles and accepts the congratulations graciously. She thanks She-hulk and gets the name of that secretary.

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She finds and makes her way toward him. She grabs his arm and drags him to the dance floor and cuts the rug.
Although not a bad dancer, MinuteMan's moves are about five decades out of date...

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BlackBird and Captain America seem to have a pretty serious private discussion for a few minutes...

Blackbird, concluding the conversation, offers Captain America his hand.

Although I'm still curious about MantaMan's response to Hercules, I'll progress the events a little bit. We can always retcon it back in...
GM's Note

The following day, final arrangements are made, thank-yous, congratulations, and goodbyes are exchanged, and the new Avengers North and AEF teams head home to their headquarters in Buffalo, New York.

Avengers North: EnergyStar (interim chairperson, until the team has its next election), MinuteMan, MantaMan, Maelstrom, Blackbird, plus one spot currently open. In addition, new government liaison, Christopher Alexander Michaels, accompanies the team back to Buffalo.

Pulsar has returned to Buffalo with you, along with the still non-functional Jim the android, and has requested to go on reserve status in order to help repair his friend. Pulsar does manage to find several Orphu components in the box supplied by Bubbles that he believes will help in Jim's repair.

The new AEF: Benni, Jericho Tesla, Ka-Zar (after a short return trip to the Savage Land), Patriot II (which the newer members eventually have revealed to them is the costumed identity of none other than Rick Jones, who is remaining on active status with the AEF long enough to wrap up some personal issues and help fill out the team roster for a short while as needed), Radical Warrior (who insists he is only on reserve status at his sister's insistence, even though he is always around), and Blue Marvel (much to Beorn's delight and MinuteMan's chagrin). Byron Justinian Gamble (much to EnergyStar's chagrin) will remain government liaison for this team.

There is no longer an assigned Avengers liaison for the AEF, as the Avengers North will be operating out of the same headquarters. It is assumed the Avengers North chairperson (currently EnergyStar) will serve as the "official" Avengers liaison in any situation where a single Avenger is needed as a point of contact for the AEF.

Challenger and Captain Electron are in Buffalo as well, but are busy with the Heroes For Hire organization and other personal matters, so they opt to stay in reserve status. Other former AEF members have also opted to go into reserve status, as they dedicate time catching up on their personal lives since their 'disappearance'.

During the long trip home, EnergyStar can't help but think about what Mantor said...about not knowing the full effects of what her stepbrother may have subconsciously done when the Reality Gem was in his possession...she just gets a bad feeling thinking about it...

Returning to the Central Terminal, Byron Gamble is there to greet the heroes. As you disembark from the QuinJet, he enthusiastically welcomes the returning and newly arriving heroes alike, congratulations all those promoted with a firm handshake and, for EnergyStar, and embrace which seems to almost petrify her with fear. He introduces himself to the one non-spandex normal-looking human who he correctly assumes is Chris Michaels. Bova almost immediately takes off to reestablish her 'domain' (the kitchen) before she even returns to her quarters to unpack.

In addition to Byron Gamble, the new members of both teams are introduced to team mainstays, Ray the Bum, the Human Fly, and the android Justice (a creation of MinuteMan's), as well as what appears to be the team's resident football-playing mad scientist, Dr. Gordon Fields (think of the lab scientist on the current TV series Fringe)*.

Looking at the number of people flooding into the facility, MinuteMan quips to EnergyStar "we're going to need more bedrooms."

Any of the heroes familiar with the headquarters will be able to give a tour of the facility to the new arrivals. Byron will personally offer to show Christopher around.**

Justice has prepared an incredible array of fruit pies that will last well into the coming week in celebration of your homecoming. He has even attempted a 'mock apple pie', which tastes like apple pie, but contains no fruit beyond a trace of lemon juice and zest. He is quite proud of how it turned out.

Byron suggests ordering chicken wings and beef on weck for everyone for a 'get acquainted dinner', which MinuteMan supported, seeing as Bova was standing in the kitchen trying to figure out what to make everyone for dinner, her suitcase still at her side.

Tomorrow, the media will, no doubt, be aware of the team's (now two teams) return to Buffalo and have plenty of questions. Today and tonight, however, you get to kick up your heels, relax and enjoy each other's company.

Byron requests a meeting with EnergyStar once everyone is settled in. "No rush", he insists.

* See the Characters thread for more info on these NPCs and their behaviors. EnergyStar and MinuteMan explain Byron as detailed in the Characters thread - a very different image from the warm gentleman who greeted your teams upon their arrival here.

** In the Back Issues folder, see the last page of Issue One for pictures of the tower and concourse and page 2 of Issue Two for info on the layout of the headquarters.

Benni not having anything to unpack because she literally owes what she is wearing, will find the room that is being assigned as her bedroom.
Sheridan how long can she stay awake before feeling tired?
Discovering that she isn't really tired yet, she will find someone to direct her to a computer with internet access so she can do research into the history and technology of this world. At various points during the evening she will be
She isn't hacking...she is investigating! Just because she happens to break their security to see their program doesn't mean she is hacking. Computer Talent + Amazing Reasoning FTW.
investigating security protocols of various organizations, to see the state of computer security of this world and figure out how to improve on it for a patent.

Something that people may have noted, Benni hasn't eaten a full meal since she has joined the team. Even during the party, she just ate a smattering of appetizers to be polite. Not sure who would actually notice that though.

Blackbird is the one in the pilot's seat on the way up to Buffalo, and while he doesn't mind a copilot sitting in, he is quite insistent about being the sole person on the stick. Nor, unless specifically asked, does he pull any barrel rolls.

As they approach Buffalo, he confirms their flightpath with the local control tower and requests permission for a 'free' flightpath, so he can do a bit of aerial touring to get used to the local layout.

Once out of the plane, he shakes Gamble's hand and asks the man if he wouldn't mind providing - at his convenience - some local maps and details on the local elementary/secondary schools, and then joins the others for the tour. He finds the building's design interesting from a historical sense - "Was this formerly a bus or train station, perhaps?" - and then digs into pie with the best of them.

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Looking at the number of people flooding into the facility, MinuteMan quips to EnergyStar "we're going to need more bedrooms."
"I was considering renting a place of my own," Blackbird notes to the two, quite seriously. "If we're going to be stationed up here for an extended period of time, there's little point in maintaining my place in New York."

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"I was considering renting a place of my own," Blackbird notes to the two, quite seriously. "If we're going to be stationed up here for an extended period of time, there's little point in maintaining my place in New York."
"Don't worry about me right away everyone. I'm going to need some serious time on the 14th floor to myself on something very important." Tesla says "Just give me a good sturdy army cot and some blankets and pillows. I'll be fine" anyone who wanders in on the science labs finds a small section of the floor that is sompletely covered up where Tesla is hurrying back and forth from to the other stations. Anyone who asks him what he's working on receives vague and slightly frustrated answers followed usually by an apology from the doctor. No one ever gets a really good and direct answer as to what he's doing under the tarps and drop cloth

Chris is a much nicer guy then X is in the way that he deals with people. When he is met by Byron Gamble he accepts the tour of the facilities. The two of us need to spend sometime talking. Considering that you were working as a liaison for awhile. I wonder if you have any tips. It will take sometime getting used to the area. I have not been in this area for a long time. I only visited for a short time then you know Hokey. When minute man starts talking about the need of more bed rooms Chris turns toward him. I had planed on getting a rather scenic apartment. Down on the board walk when they are finished. Until then I guess I will work something out with you guys. Chris Micheals keeps his eyes open and is very interested during the tour.

Energystar, taken aback by Gamble's warm welcome, stands stunned for quite some time. She finally looks to MinuteMan for his opinion about Gamble departure from his usual abrasive demeanor. Then with the face of a woman struck by a semi, she says, "Oh!". A smile creeps onto her face and she turns to Rad, "Now look at that, you did something nice for me without even blinking an eye." She continues, "Maybe we should go see how Dad is doing."

She walks to Gamble before he leaves on the tour, "Byron, we need to talk about a new secretary that I would like to hire. A recommendation a Shulkie." And then to Chris as well in full earshot of everyone there, "We also need to look into expansion into the adjacent buildings in order to accommodate the new team. It is desirable to have the team members at headquarters most of the time. But just like myself have a place for out alter-egos is suggested."

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