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What is the origin of your username?

What is the origin of your username?

Mine isn't terribly exciting. When I was in grade seven I needed a handle for my first ever email account (hotmail to boot). At the time I was watching DS9 and the Mortal Kombat movie and I really loved the suffix "-ax", and green was my favourite colour in Magic: The Gathering (which was all my friends and I did during lunch in school), so Naturax was the result.

I still have the email account!

Similarly, I was in eighth grade and I needed a name for my first Diablo character. I was in the play Grease at the time and was playing the role of Kenickie, so I just shamelessly ripped it off. I ended up being really involved with the guild I joined in Diablo and gamed with them for over a decade. The name has stuck and I use it everywhere.

green's a great color in MtG.

My name, obviously, the show, Ironchef (Japan version, sorry, Bobby Flay bugs the crap outta me), plus my birthday (March 3rd). I didn't really like cooking until college though, and now I wish I went to culinary school instead :/

Yup. Ditto. Beasts and elementals rule. ANd elves. Always the elves ^^

Mine comes from playing with words. I was fascinated with the character Pain from FF X-2 and decided to play with the name. Fiddled with it until i got P@yNe, but since most sites only allow letters and numbers, decided by what I have now. :3

Mine comes from the worst name and worst character I ever played in my D&D career. Hammerfist was a half orc monk. I was so proud of myself at the time, but now I look back in shame. I played him horribly. He was preachy. He reacted to everything. He wasn't very half orcish. He had a corny name. I couldn't say it out loud IC without turning red or giggling.

So I figured that if that was my username, I would always have a decent chance of playing a good character with a good name. After all, you can't get any worse than Hammerfist.

This also explains why I refer to myself as Hammie.

Mine is prety simple. SEAL = US Navy Special Forces. Point = as in the pointman. Sniper = an accurate long distance shooter. However, I'm thinking of changing my username to something more creative, like NinjSwEalTan. Any guesses on what that is?


If I told you, I'd have to kill you you'd never believe me.
Well, seeing as I'm posting in the face behind the username section, might as well post here.

I'm learning french. To non-french people on the internet, Roi is a much more believable name than say, my real name.
Which, incidentially, can easily be translated to french.

I'll leave the guesswork to you.

My guess is Heinrich. Or Evegeni. Maybe Desanga.

Ninja SWAT EalIstoppedcaring.

Mine... uh... comes from Neopets. I played it when I was 11 or so. My username there was Puzzled_Puzzler. In my guild, people liked to put fun things down for their 'real name' fields, like "Super killer" or "I'm a cutie wuv muffin". Since I was an 11 year old and highly vulnerable to
still am
peer pressure, I decided to do this too. Since I somehow had a shred of
lost that
human dignity, I didn't want to use "I'm a cutie wuv muffin". So I took "Dragon" and played around with it until I got "Dakar". Then people started calling me that and the name stuck.

Nope. Nope. Yes. No.

You'll never guess it! Muahaha!


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