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What is the origin of your username?

Mine is easy. I used to be infatuated with ancient Egypt. I love cats. Back in the old AOL dialup days, I played around with the aforementioned concepts until 'Cleokatrah' came together. And it's purrrfect. Even if I don't obsess over Egyptians anymore.

I love shadowrun and the other name I usually use was taken so...ya.

I thought up my name one night while trying to create a handle for Socom on the PSP about 5 years ago. I wanted something that described the way I intended on killing. It was down to two, the other being 'hidinginatree'. My game play didn't work out the way I had planned but the name stuck. Now I use it where ever I am on the net. Have yet to come across a site where the name is already in use. I think I've been very lucky with that.

8th grade. I started calling a friend of mine (Kara) Karrii, so she called me dannii. the q was added b/c I was 14 and truly believed that silent q's needed to be recognized in civilized spelling. And thus, danniqi was created (it is NEVER capitalized). lol. I've used said SN since, that's what? 10 years! Insane.

No jokes. Seriously.

Mine is named after a hamster an ex-girlfriend got me. He was named for Logain, an important character in the Wheel of Time series. At the time , I had a friend who hated all things 13375p34k, so I altered it. This confused the ex-girlfriend. And a great many other people.

The hamster name became an email address, and then a username on GITP, and then on here when a friend brought me in for a game.


When I was in high school for my creative writing class we had to make pamphlets for something fictional as one of our assignments. I decided to make a pamphlet for those who wanted to be wizards and the name of the pamphlet was 'Reality, and Other Fragile Things'. When I couldn't come up with a user name, I decided I'd use the last two words of the pamphlet.

My first gaming name was swiftshot. I've shortened it to swifty for other gaming sites.

Interestingly enough my other handle for forums or blogs or anything like that is Philosofickle. Because I enjoy philosophy and view it as a fickle subject, and myself as a somewhat fickle person.

Unfortunately I've come across a very select few websites where both of my names have been take. I don't associate with those sites after that.

Its quite simple actually. Indigo is my favorite color (and no cracks about it being the same as purple!) and I just like the word "livid". So, I put them together thinking it would sound funny and it was sounded pretty cool (say it out loud, you know you want to) so I stuck with it.

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