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What is the origin of your username?

The Origin of mine is actually an american ace pilot groupe based in china. They had a pretty bloody campaign wich included a bunch of japanies pilots going down. You might remember the plane with the mouth and eyes on em'. those were the Flying Tiger's signature trademark. Cool, Eh?

The Meaning Of Life. That's what the letters stand for. It will be my password once I figure it out. It's a good question and I'm sure it will have an even better answer, it's the perfect password, if only I knew what it was...

Mine is actually the nickname of my last cat, had that guy around for 19 years. It's fairly unique so I've never had to worry bout it being taken

Stephen R. Donaldson's epic fantasy series The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever.

Mine's easy... what is a username if not a pseudonym?

I was in 6th grade, and I was going to join a guild in either Star craft or Command and Conquer: Red alert 2, and one of the requirements was to make your username begin with Kaged. My first real 'username' was ghostviper, and I still used it after that until some Norwegian guy stole it from me on myspace or xbox live, around 9th grade. Then I switched to KagedViper and have been using it since, Although, I plan on changing it soon...

Raven: My favorite animal.
Gold: My favorite colour.

It's gone through a few version before like "Golden Raven" (Name for a fantacy character) to what it is now that could be used as a real name in a modern setting. I use the name often in various stories.

Since the beginning of my role-playing career, I have always played Rogues. I've only recently branched out, but that's where the name came from.

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