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What is the origin of your username?

Arkyrion Mentaat, lawful evil sorcerer extraordinaire, was my first serious DnD character. I took his name because his personality is quite a bit like mine when I go into my patented "Evil Genius" mode.

Zell <-- I just like short names, that have rare letters like the Z and I also like double letters.

On top of that, it was because I am FF8 fan and Squall was taken, but know that I think of it, I like Zell better.

Anyways, thats the story I guess.

Ventus is the latin word for 'wind'. The first freeform RPG I ever played was one set in a fantasy universe, where we all played dragons or dragon riders. My dragon was sky and wind themed, so I was looking for a cool, relevant name, and came across 'Ventus'.

Since then I've been using it for everything.

I was playing WoW one day and decided to start another character. After playing Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade, I thought Reaver would be an awesome name. Figured I would stick Onyx in front of it since Reaver was already taken. Then decided I liked just plain Onyx better.

Too many years ago to count I was looking for a moniker for an electronic music project I was involved in and I saw this show on discovery about undersea mining. I was inspired by the show to adapt the name the nautilus project which eventually just became nautilus_project.

Venia is latin for grace. I've always liked being graceful. Therefore, my username was born.

My username handle's been with me for a while. Blue for the color I like most, and Shaine for a character I want to make in a comic. What's fun for that is he's not really that important a character, but the name sounds correct to me. Also oddly enough is that I've never created or played Shaine in any game.

the name of my favorite character in dnd, a human mage raised by dragonborn

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