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What is the origin of your username?

Uh. I cannot recall exactly when I chose this nick. Neither do I remember anything more specific then the fact that I liked the sound (err, look I guess) of it. Also it's just one letter off from my real name.

Now if I were to use Core everywhere I would bump into "name taken" waaay to often, so I added an extra bit I often use (not here though); Goon. That is, CoreGoon. The last part is because it's short, like the first one, and I liked the sound (err look) of that as well. Oh, and quite a few of my friends think I look like a big dumb brute. Heh...

Just a name that I think is cool, I guess. Used to know someone named Kay and always thought it was an awesome name.

The first forum I signed up for was and at the time I was fascninated with the ninja gaiden games. One thing led to another...

Another Magic user, another Magic name. My brother killed me after we started this huge war against each other. It was kinda a big deal....

I read a book on demons and spirits once. They mentioned kitsune and kitsunetsuki. While kitsune were mildly interesting, kitsunetsuki was really cool to me because it was treated as a legitimate psychological diagnosis up until the beginning the 20th century. I think it was more of the idea that people still believed in such...mythology until recently seemed really cool.

Of course, I didnt' realize until recently that Kitsune Tsuki ≠ Kitsunetsuki, so technically my name means something else.

NijSwEalTan = Ninja, SWAT, SEAL, Spartan. My friend called me that the other day after decieding that it was the perfect soldier...

I was joining a Starcraft Snipers clan back in 2004, and I had the habit of changing my handle for each new clan I joined. Since I was big about tactical thinking and such, I decided to go with a phonetic version of "tactics". The capitalization was deliberately counter to every method of doing capitalizing on nicknames, with the expected capitalization of either T or K not there. I've kept the handle ever since (stayed in that clan for nearly 2 years, it stuck), and people have been misspelling it in all ways as well.

Ah, yes... Iroel Qvasura is, in all his incarnations, a very odd character... To be completely honest, he's my EQ2 main, and my first D&D character. The EQ2 one is an erudite illusionist, with rather eccentric behaviour, sesquipedalian loquaciousness, and a peculiar fascination with the darker arts. My D&D character?

Well, let's start with imagining a grey elf. Now, take this grey elf, and make him a wizard. An illusionist to be precise (I like illusions). Give him som archivist levels too, for extra gimpyness. Then make him highly intelligent, a rebel who's not quite sure of his cause, a strong idealist, paranoid, and completely suicidal. Fun times, no? To date, his near-death experiences include:

Being run through by a wererat, and subsequently bitten - Good thing we had access to some poisonous wolfsbane...
Being nearly drowned due to the weight of leeches the size of his legs.
Having solid chunks of him devoured by a hydra.
Nearly breaking his neck multiple times due to several fails caused by incredibly low physical scores.
Having a sword run through his back by a 300 years old undead abomination thingy - Incidentally, it's the great-great-great-something of our ranger, who's now wielding said sword. Did I mention our ranger is completely psychotic, and that he hates my character's guts?
Being lost for days in a maze, with no spellbook.
Attempting to jump on a manticore to save his fighter friend - Cue one critical fail and slipping from the roof.

All in all, a perfect way to introduce someone to the hobby. Oh, and he carried enough weapons to make a fighter blush. Longspears, shortspears, longswords, daggers, staves, bows, crossbows, etc... Yeah, that's me.

Mine is a character from the time I played Rolemaster.

Defvron - a level 7 Rougue with a fighters hart. Died drowning in the sewers :-/

It be my name, matey.


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