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What is the origin of your username?

Hi all,

As someone who started playing DnD in 1979, and who pretty much learns something new everyday, I figure that makes me a Noob

Also, after years of playing MMO's and FPS online, the term Noob is derogatory ... I like being a Noob

So I'm a Noob, and I play games ... hence my online name.

I'm sure peeps see it and go, great a n00b, but I've been playing longer then most have been alive

See you all on the forums / in games / around the traps


My username comes from (and this should shock nobody) The Wizard of Oz. It's a movie I cannot stand, and my wife loves watching it. I hate this movie with a passion.

However, the characters in the movie represent not just facets about an individual person, but facets of the human consciousness as a whole. And it's not that Scarecrow represents the intelligence of the collective consciousness, but moreso he represents the human need to search for answers and truth. I consider myself trying to do the same.

I'm not sure what's worse - the fact that you are old enough to make that reference, or that I'm old enough to understand it.

My name is Rose...And I don't really know where Filia came from....Just kinda popped into my head.

Origin of your Myth-Weavers name..

So how did you come up with it? Just a random thought, was it an old character, something else? I'd like to know!

Mine was an old, limping, drunk dwarven warrior named Allder Witchslasher.. He had many adventures and was a lot of fun to play.. I still pay homage to him whenever I do a game ad by saying "I am Witchslasher! Named for a noble Dwarven clan!" whenever I intro myself

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