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What is the origin of your username?

I am a huge foodie. But most of all a fiery foods fan, so HotHead is about food not my demeanor. Though sometimes that still might be fitting.

Well, Akela is the name of the leader of the wolfpack that took in Mowgli from the Jungle Book. And 122301 is just an important date to me.

Actually I don't really use this Username anywhere else but here and another RPG forum but when I did use this I was on a Captain Marvel run so there you go, I now use the username the Question and have been for about a....almost a year.

I can also tell that you're American because you use the Wrong date order.

I was extremely into possesed humans in oWOD (Fomori, Drone, Gorgon and Kami). Still think they are awesome. So Drones are the servants of the Weaver hense Weaver_Drone.
Yes, i am a supernerd
The answer to your question

I was one of three Storytellers for the oWoD in which we ran a group of mages, vampires and werewolves in a sandbox style game that lasted for a few years in seperate groups. At the time, it was more a designation, with the other two using Weaver and Wyld. Coincidentally, I am also a major fanboy of Dragons, so it fit me rather well in all it's uses.

Originally Posted by Mechwarrior5 View Post
It means 'King' in French. And I didn't even have to use the GoogleFu to find out either! I had a friend in high school whose last name was actually King. He started using "LeRoi" (pronounced like your typical southern "Leroy") as the name for his character in the original Diablo. I guess that was back in... '99? Yeah, somewhere around there.
@Mech- Yup. You won't find any
Okay, so maybe you might
Asians with a last name of King. I know two people with King as their first name, and two as their last name.

Originally Posted by Nocturnal View Post
I can also tell that you're American because you use the Wrong date order.
And how do you know it's not Year, Month, Day? Or that I do it that way because it corresponds to how it's said normally. December 23, 2001? Screw you and your judgementalism.

Ironblue was the name of a superhero character I made for the MMORPG City of Heroes. I had dabbled in EQ and WOW beforehand, but I felt like I had never made actual 'characters.' They were just bags of statistics. I had been playing CoH for a while by now, with dozens of flashy, glitzy dudes on fire and giant broadsword wielding knights with
I'm just as confused as you are
robotic arms, and nobody that really seemed like a personality beyond the orange damage numbers they could put up. All the quests and junk I just ran for the quickest exp I could find. One day I got tired of the rat race and decided to throw that definition of fun out the window.

I spent hours rolling up the most
Super Strength/Invulnerability powersets
mundane defender character I could, agonized over his costume, and then wrote down all the reasons I thought he had chosen to pick up the superhero trade, where he had come from, who his nemeses were, all that jazz. Of course the name was a more or less stolen from the video game Viewtiful Joe, but baby steps, right? In game, I created little catchphrases and things he would say, so that when I ran into a gang of villains I could dramatically call them out before laying the smack down, much to the bemusement of nearby players. I took the game at my own pace, sometimes getting sidetracked for hours just exploring the maps and pretending to protect random
Of course, they're really just invincible puppets that walk around doing absolutely nothing and scream at enemies and can never be hurt

I stopped playing CoH shortly after that, having moved on to focus my interests on mostly the medieval fantasy genre of things. After a much longer while, I lost faith in a video or computer game's ability to connect the player to a truly personal and meaningful story. I gradually stopped avidly looking after the video game magazines, and keeping up to date on computer hardware and console generations. I got interested in
Fantasy and 40k
Warhammer, but still craved the more personal story of character-driven games, trying for smaller, warband-type games like Warmachine or Inquisitor. Finally, I picked up the D&D 3.5 books that had been laying around forgotten at my war gaming friend's houses for years. I ignored the embarrassed comments about how weird and geeky D&D gamers were, started reading, and I've never wanted to play a different game since.

Ironblue is sort of the beginning of the need for mature, meaningful story-telling that got me involved with D&D.

EDIT: @SplendidTuesday: You just one-upped my entire life's story in two sentences.

@Akela: In Western Europe, if I recall correctly, the date is written as day/month/year. It makes sense when you consider that you're starting with the most specific unit of time and working your way out to the most general. Of course, I think that for practicality's sake it should be year/month/day, so you get a general idea and then zero in on the specifics. And us evil americans write it as month/day/year, because of our pathological need to disguise our dates in a confusing order so the infidels can never decipher our secret plans. Heil Obama!

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