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What is the origin of your username?

Originally Posted by Ironblue View Post
And us evil americans write it as month/day/year, because of our pathological need to disguise our dates in a confusing order so the infidels can never decipher our secret plans. Heil Obama!
Stop giving up our secrets to the infidles or you will be charged with treason!

Whenever I see the name Stormcracker I get a mental image of a really gaudy powerthirst-esque sports drink commercial, only it's about crackers that have literally been infused with the power of a storm (made with lightning! REAL LIGHTNING!)

And every time you bite into one it cracks with the peal of thunder.

So Roi -- does that mean your name isn't pronounced 'ROY', it's pronounces 'WAH'?

I wanted a touch of class that would give the impression that I post from the comfort of an oaken study while puffing thoughtfully on a pipe. A fire would crackle merrily as it perfumes the air with cedar smoke, my computer would have a chestnut casing and I would have a salt-and-pepper mustache befitting of a seasoned gent who has aged like wine. Oh, and some kind of eyewear thrown in there, too.

In reality, I live a camping trailer, any fire in the vicinity indicates a serious problem, and the best facial hair I can muster is a
Which I do not keep.


Originally Posted by Squeak View Post
So Roi -- does that mean your name isn't pronounced 'ROY', it's pronounces 'WAH'?
My sarcasm detector isn't ringing, but I feel it should be.
It's not fair to take advantage of 14 year olds!

Quintarion Naillo - My first D&D character that I ever built, and unfortunately never played. Back when 3.0 came out, my best friend bought the books since we had played Baldur's Gate, and he had the basic concepts down and got me interested in it, so I built a first level character making him using almost everything that had a chance to be rolled (age, height, money, etc.). We ended up playing a higher level game, so I never learned the game using a basic character. I then applied him to the FR campaign setting, giving him a background and now I'm here waiting for some 1st level 3.5 FR game to open up and get accepted so I can use him and level him up the way any other character would be leveled up.

Zore- An imaginary villain I made up when I was five. Forgot about it for a few years and when I set up my AIM account couldn't think of a name so went with it. I now use it everywhere I have an account on the internet.

Moral Wiz; Moral Machiavelli sounded like a cool, ironic name to a nine year old. Since discovering that was impossible to typ, I've used Wiz instead.

I stole my name from a dead Spaniard; I confess the theft was unfair and my escape assured as the man was already deceased at the time, but I was a youth with no small lack of moral fiber so this fact did not distress me then nor does it so now, my vices having grown commensurate with my age.

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