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The Neverending Story

The Neverending Story

The game is quite simple. You write one sentence per post continuing the story from the sentence of the last post. You can make the story funny, sad, serious or whatever else your heart desires. Lets just try to keep enough for all the users to enjoy.
And off we go...

This time, humans were not the most prevalent race within the universe; in fact, their presence was quite rare.

The dominant species was penguins, who spread everywhere in their great whale-powered spacecraft.

Their minds were inarguably the most developed in all the cosmos, and their whale ships could travel through the stars at speeds previously thought impossible... 28 mph.

Of course, the fact that the ships could just teleport offset any advantage gained from the high speed.

Even so, they could never catch up to a Luckdragon such as Falkor, due to...

pizza, as everyone knows when the universe formed it wasn't stars and planets that made up the celestial bodies but giant pizzas and coke bottles. Falkor however knew he could not outrun the penguins for long...

And the penguins wouldn't allow a luckdragon to foil their plans for world domination, so they blew up the planet that he landed on.


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