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The Neverending Story

but the purple buffalo was immune, being a vegitarian...

It then knocked out the brothers with a roundhouse kick and went to chat with good ol' Chuck Norris.

But Chuck eats live buffalo so he round-housed kicked him and ate him flamebroiled...

The group pondered how a roundhouse could send such a seering heat as they were being roasted alive, then they remembered this was ...FREAKIN' CHUCK NORRIS!!

The crowd threw themselves in a nearby lake and fled. Chuck was generous enough to let them...

Chuck being Chuck he sucked all of the water out of the lake to save the people.

Unfortunetly he swallowed them along with the Lake...

Yet since Chuck can do any thing, he was able to spit out the people and keep the water.

And he therefore went down to the road to put out a forest fire with his urine...

But the pressure was too great, and it swept away all the trees, leaving barren savanna smelling of urea.


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