Non Sequitur

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The Neverending Story

M. Bison looked at the request and chuckled in his throat. He responded by...

The grapes weren't normal grapes though as they had been grown in places that emitted high levels of radiation.

Which turned him into grapeman!

But was stopped by Willy Wonka and his army of Oompa Loompas.

Coming over the hill, while riding an armored warhorse. Was a warrior with two spears criss crossed on his back. It was then you realized it was, MadHatter: Lv.6 Gladiator. Special trait: never gets sick.

Then Willy Wonka returned and engaged MadHatter in single combat, armed only with a wooden cane.

Then liquid chocolate rained from the skies covering Willy Wonka and MadHatter in delicious chocolate but since it was chocolate from Willy Wonka's factory the side effects were completely unknown.

Many years later....
After many years of study, the chocolate has been proven to give the consumer...

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