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The Neverending Story

The protests quickly became riots and the riots quickly turned in to complete chaos and anarchy all across the world.

The world becomes nothing but a nuclear wasteland with the few survivors of humanity wandering the world just trying to survive in this new desolate wasteland.

One of them is named Madhatter. A ghoul with a hoverbike and a tophat. He has an army of robotic roaches.

Madhatter, along with his army, travels the world forcing everyone he meets in to joining his army and eventually Madhatter becomes the ruler of the world.

But the Hatter then get's bored, and shoots all his underlings, before using a rocket to go into space

In space Madhatter comes across aliens who then proceed to capture him and perform lots of experiments on him.

After what appears to be years of unpleasant experiements and being fed synthetic tofu, Madhatter fails for the third time to end his days by eating his own tongue. As he chokes back to life, he feels a warm hand on his shoulder and a soft voice tell him in his native tongue:

"My child, you should know better than to try and tempt the Fates with your own Death."

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