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The Neverending Story

And of course Bill the god of "RUN A LEOPARD SEAL IS COMING!!!"

As Bill is debating on wether he should continue mentioning when Leopard seals are coming...

The the mightiest penguine of them all, voiced by Jackie Chan, says, "I fear no leopard seal, for I am the master of drunkin penguine foo. Though it hurts alot to fight, I will protect you all."

And so a great "wack, wack" of approval was raised in the heaven of penguins...

As if in response to the mightiest penguin's claim, a 18 foot tall and 35 foot long leopard seal burst through the ice with vicious intent.

It was unfortunate, for the leopard seal at least, that at the moment he emerged from the ice that an enormous glacier had begun to slide down a mountain with the vicious seal in its direct and inescapable path.

The seal could have easily escaped the moving glacier within the many many years it would normally take it to reach it, or even the day or two it would take given the effects of global climate change, however, it would find it a less simple matter to evade the healthy, fully grown orcinus orca swimming just below the floe.

However, whilst avoiding the orca and whilst chasing the seal both happened across a barrel of radioactive waste leaking into the surrounding ocean.

When they did, the barrel exploded in all it's nuclear glory...

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