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The Neverending Story

"Why not? I should be allowed to tempt the fates if I want."

The soft voice is the Celestial Being of Hot Dogs and Corn Chips called "Kerim The Tasty".

Also known as 'he of the giant hot-dog', 'the almight Kerim', and 'The Hatters Nuggets' (don't ask), and he continues on to smite MadHatter

But, anticipating Kerim's next move, MadHatter reverses and is able to power-slam Kerim through a nearby table!

Madhatter then finds lust filling his eyes , with an overwhelming desire to kiss Kerim.

"Jim Ross here, and King, I can't say that I've ever seen anything like this in all my years covering the WWE!"

Kerim, due to being surprised by both MH and Jim Ross, sadly couldn't stop the kiss. Luckily, though, MH couldn't stop the knee to his black nuggets.

Madhatter was wearing an adamantine cup so Kerim shatters his knee when he groin kicks the Madhatter.

Luckily, due to being a celestial, Kerim's knee regenerates, and he poofs back to his own realm, leaving Madhatter to the

Madhatter poops with him to his realm and spits in his ear while rabbit punching him in the kidneys.


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