Non Sequitur

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The Neverending Story

But they were swiftly defeated by French-Cambodian Ninja-Maids wielding gatling shotguns with chainsaw katana bayonets.

whom were eaten by platypuses after their victory...

The adorable (yet fierce) Arctic Platypus soon became the predominant sentient creature, crushing all who opposed them.

However, a few million penguins escaped in gigantic intergalactic world craft, vowin to take revenge on all who had wronged them, whilst not knowing that hiding on a world craft were a few thousand French-Cambodian Ninja Maids.

Their craft was kept clean...sneakily clean.

They did have an interesting journey, since when they arrived in the other galaxy they encountered the planet of the...

...subterranean puffin. The two races hit it off immediately. A new home was found, new friends made, and everyone enjoyed French/SE Asian delicacies that seemed to appear out of nowhere. Everything seemed perfect, until...

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