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Most awesome tank pic


Panzer 2. Early WW2, armed with a 20mm autocannon.

Not really for engaging other tanks, but pretty bad news for lighter targets. They were used for scouting, infantry support, raiding... whatever didn't involve going after enemy medium or heavy armour if they could avoid it. Actually quite small, which the second to last pic shows best.

The fact French tanks (for example) were substantially more dangerous didn't matter when the swarming German light tanks overran them, kept going, stole all their fuel and blew up their ammo stockpiles; allied armour in trying to pursue them ran smack into the sights of dive bombers and the towed german AT field guns the clever Germans left in their wake.

Classic example of using what you have to maximum effect, to overcome an (on paper) superior enemy.

Here's one from the google ads at the bottom of the thread. He he he.
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Down periscope!

A Bradley passes a less fortunate collegue.

Serbian T55, apparantly a victim of an anti-armor cluster bomb

Serbian T-72

This Sherman is taking the concept of "dug in" a little too far.

Kapow! Russians love their flying tanks.


The big blocks are explosive reactive armour (ERA). As the label says, they explode when hit - generally destroying the projectile that hit them, or at least slowing it down in the case of a DU SABOT.

I thought the primary use of ERA was to disrupt/destroy shaped charge warheads. Didn't think it did much against sabot. Interesting.

I don't know if it has been mentioned yet
RL 40k Rhino Tank

(sorry, can't post URLS yet)

Broken url but i know the one you mean. It's an old british APC if i remember right (M113? I can't remember). They found one that looks a bit like a rhino, then modified it's look and put the new paincoat on. Pretty cool marketing exercise i have to say.

I thought the primary use of ERA was to disrupt/destroy shaped charge warheads. Didn't think it did much against sabot. Interesting.
Yeah i'm not certain. It certainly can stop shaped or HEAT. Wiki seems to think it might stop SABOTs, but i dunno. If i was the Russians i might not say one way or the other, let 'em wonder.

*Edit: It does! Or so the Ruskies claim with their more recent, more energetic ERA. See below.

Originally Posted by EDIT 15/11/11 Kontakt-5 wiki article
Kontakt-5 is a type of third-generation explosive reactive armour originating in the Soviet Union. It is the first type of ERA which is effectively able to defeat modern armour-piercing fin-stabilized discarding sabot (APFSDS) rounds.
- article here

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