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Most awesome tank pic

The Russian TOS-1 MLRS vehicle... typically firing a fuel-air explosive munition.

Your tanks all kill too slow!

Yes, but you have big target on top with little armour and not much ammo.

Even funnier, the arty piece is mounted on a T72 tank body.

Heavy tank, IS-3 (Soviet), very late WW2 vintage

In use by AGS (that's Army Group South) (I think it was them...) at the Queensland Living History Federation's History Alive event a couple of years ago. I don't know much about it except it was cool and was actually working!

Bren Gun Carrier. We used them in WW2, it's a pommie tankette. Pretty cute hey? They were not much good as a tank but were still useful for getting around on bad terrain.

The Black Prince

Development of the Churchill, the idea leading to the much more succesful (albiet similar looking) Centurion later in the war. The Black Prince was a prototype only.

TOG2 - The Old Gang tank

British prototype built for WW2 in expectation of trench fighting. Never happened, so neither did the tank. Originally designed to have sponsons to either side and drive slowly (but ever onwards) nigh-regardless of the terrain, enemy AT fire and the best efforts of enemy armour. Not really suited to the mobile war that unfolded... i think it's cool though.

I'm surprised nobody has done so yet, but I'm going to throw some Metal Slug pics out there.


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