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Most awesome tank pic


British stealth tank prototype. They're aiming for radar invisibility - because planes have big missiles and they hurt. Lots! The spoiler includes what has to be the most complex explanation i've seen in a forum. Absent & Demented are going to love this.

The secret is the armour. It's plastic! The skirting covers the running gear (which is a big giveaway on radar). So when you see people talk about plastic armour on TV in future, that's what it's all about - light and stealthy.

Let's go for something simple, shall we? This is a variant on the Soviet BT-5...

Youch! That's pretty epic. Pretty clumsy too i bet, but you line enough of those up and it no longer matters.

Fair responce then, the Sherman Calliope:

IIRC that was a Russian weapon sold to the Americans (could be wrong).

Probably at least inspired by Russian designs if not actually bought from them.

And when you upgrade the Calliope to 7.2" rockets, you get the M40/T17 Whiz-bang.

Ogre Superheavy Cybertank. Think something like a Bolo, but psychopathic and filled with hatred, and with nukes. Lots and lots of nukes.

Man, I wish I had a Sherman tank when I was 6.

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