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Most awesome tank pic

Originally Posted by Pingcode20 View Post
Hey, DeaconBlues, you mucked up!
If we started allowing pretend tanks like that, we'd have to start allowing things like this:

Or this...

So it's best if we stick to tread-based mechanized warfare. Really

Water carrier for mesopatamia?

M26 Pershing, right in time for the end of WW2 and (thus) a token presence in Germany.

Tank in transit. Yessir, that thar barge 'll carry her - if we use enough floaties, anyway!

They were to be a lot more important (and work much harder) a few years later, in Korea.

Some less-silly-than-usual scifi tanks

Appropriate crew for most scifi tanks

(Thanks to Ping on last one)

That's a little unfair, Mordae. The Mecha-Sherman had at least two out of three. Although in that vein...

It's treaded, it's mechanised, and it's definitely meant to fight.

On the subject of things that don't make Shir's blood boil quite as much, I've always enjoyed the idea of Battleship-tanks.

Wow I did not know there was a market for this.

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