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Most awesome tank pic

Isn't that that Russian anti-personnel tank?

Nope Half a mark. Next guess?

Originally Posted by the pic in question

Can anyone guess what this is?

Looks like an Anti-aircraft gun with TOW missile launchers on it

Nope! Next?

Have a few more while folks think.

My tank can beat up your tank in a fight.

Originally Posted by MadHatter View Post

My tank can beat up your tank in a fight.

Afgani kid with his toy tank: one ups American kid.

Damn you Shirroco. Now you have defeated me. But I shall rise up and fight back. With...

Tank sex...

Originally Posted by Shirocco View Post

BMPT "Terminator". Despite the name, it is derived from a T-72 chassis. Twin 30mm auocannon, co-ax 7.62, quad AT-9 tubes, and a pair of 30mm grenade launchers. Designed to fight infantry in urban areas, after experiences in Chechnya where Shilkas were pressed into the role and found not quite up to the task.

Spot on!


Tank platoon in Chechnya; the furthest one may actually be a Shilka, not sure, but the old SPAAGs struggled away at providing close support to the tanks in Chechnya. Shilkas, like all SPAAGs are clumsy and weak in close support roles; loads of firepower but not particularly great awareness or armour.

In a pinch, however, armies still use them this way.

Such as in Syria.


The BMPT packs on even more hull armour than the T72 and T90 tanks it's derrived from, with high-angle gun system and lots of optics for spotting trouble around it. There is nowhere the tanks can go that this thing can't follow.


Unrelated freeby, since i'm busily dodging ye olde "double post rule".

Vivid picture of Russian troops in a deep trench while a T34 crosses it (and them). 1942.

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