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Most awesome tank pic

Ready to roll out!

Does this qualify as the most awesome tank pic?

Tell that to the first few pages of posters in this thread. ^^

That said, you're right, the thread's about armoured fighting vehicles - tanks in particular. Like this proud ol' blighter.

It's advancing through it's own gunsmoke. Mark-series tanks were using naval cannons; the powder used in navy shells was (is still, i think) very smokey.

Originally Posted by william_mccuan View Post
I know there is a crude joke, or two, in this pic....
Christ those things are obscure. See if anyone can guess it: Tip being yeah, that's red square in Moscow. AFAIK they made one appearance, were NOT mockups, and promptly vanished into history. Who can guess 'em?

Fine, no tank tops. *pouts*

Well, they were a pretty nice pair (of pairs!).

Clearly, those girls are smiling because they know what thread they're going in. And beside these beauties, who wouldn't!

How does that beat Airplane Tank?

Do you see how its straining the front suspension. The super mobile artillery couldn't make it up a hill.

Like this big guy

Engine catches fire if it tries to go uphill
and apparently Russians enjoyed shooting at them

Originally Posted by MadHatter View Post
Fine, no tank tops. *pouts*

That's no moon tank...

That's an Erkanoplane - specifically, i believe that one to be the Caspian Sea Monster!

It's for moving stuff (lots of it!), and for killing these...

Not these...

which never stood much chance against this...

Until they broke down and were left like this...

Which happened a lot.

Ferdinands were nigh impervious to anti-tank fire and lethal against T34s out to 3 kilometers (very long range in a tank battle)... they were not however impervious to rushed design and the limits of 1940s wartime engineering.

Why did they build more Tank Destroyers, then tanks later in the war?

Tired of losing tanks, so focus on range?
The american's picked up on it too

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