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Most awesome tank pic

how would you like to wake up in the morning to that?

Edit coz too big: Ziggy

Cannon, sword, and spiked-bulldozer-thing? This one does slashing, bludgeoning, and piercing damage.

ninja, that image is huge. The people on slow connections are crying and it breaks frames. Keep them at or below Sharp Claw's picture size, eh?

Incidentally, i love that ol' motivator. ha ha ha

Or use spoiler tags.

Incidently, you want to talk crazy-big tanks? I'm sorry, but the Empire of Man ain't got nuthin on on the Dinochrome Brigade.

Blantantly ripping pics from the web since 1950.

Link a small one. When you get the image check it's resolution; high resolution images are enormous when linked to a forum.

Flying tank! A Christie idea, the Russians actually got on board for this. They later scrapped the idea, seeing it for the ridiculous concept it was. But yes it is in fact possible; just really bad.

This image is only 475x271 resolution so it's not too big. Anything under 600x600 should be fine, or even a little bigger.
If you right click the image, go properties, you'll see the resolution (image dimensions).

Also from Russia:

Object 279

There's only 2 of them, this one's in Kubinka tank museum. Their funny shape helped with many things; stopping HEAT shells and helping it remain upright when fighting close by nuclear blasts, such as from the nuclear artillery and mortar units NATO had along the Russia-German border country.

1950s, the Russians. It looks bizarre, but they were serious.

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