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Most awesome tank pic

HA HA HA!!! I want one. But instead of the crosses, I'd put "Hello Kitty" stickers on it.

Merkava mark 4.
the modern version of the iron chariot.
details here

I repeat: no idea how to shrink

Ninja. We do not shrink images. We pick small ones.

*Edit, 3 years later: actually i do now. Photobucket has a great shrink feature.

For when a paintball gun is not enough:

The Panzer VIII Maus, the largest tank ever actually built (almost 200 tons). One prototype was finished, and sent to fight the Russians. It ran out of gas en route, and was destroyed by its crew. That co-axial gun is a 75mm cannon! The main gun is the mammoth 128mm/L55.

It may look like an Assault Gun or Tank Destroyer, but the Swedes insist the Stridesvagn 103 is a tank. You be the judge.

This seems to be an M24 Chaffe with poor situational awareness

This one was an M5 Stuart. In 1945.

Being Soviet BT-7s, I doubt either one of these is insured.

Bonus points for the mud bucket

Edit, 3 years later (just because):

Emerging mud bucket (T80 at Omsk, Russia)

The BT-7 was so fast, it is actually capable of flight!

The US Army, of course, is not about to be outdone by the Commies.

What part of "5 Ton Bridge" confused this Korean T-34/85 crew will probably remain a mystery.

Not sure how these T-34s ended up like this, but I suspect Vodka was involved.

The Soviets actually built so many T-34s that parking space was at a premium.

The Gun Motor Carriage M50, also known as "Ontos", is technically a Tank Destroyer. But this six 106mm recoiless-rifle packing machine just has to go here.

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