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Most awesome tank pic


Absent, surprised to see you bein' a snob here. Expected to see some really obscure tank.

What's going on here? You be the judge!


.....what I like the game.

He's already made an appearance; try again!

Polish TKS Tankette. Screw big tanks. I want man-sized ones that are closer to being powered armor or something.

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I want man-sized ones that are closer to being powered armor or something.
To each their own, I guess.
The original tankette, the Carden-Loyd

Also available in this cute LEGO version.

The Italian L3/35.

IJA Type 94 Te-Ke

Just to emphasize how freaking tiny these things are, here is a captured Type 94 being hauled away on an M4 Sherman.


Right click the image. Hit properties. It will say how big it is and where it came from. You can use that address to go there; drag-select, copy, paste into address bar. enter.

Bren Gun Carrier. Is it a tank? No! But infantry in a toy like that are prone to thinking it is.

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where do you get these pictures?
Google Image Search.

I would gladly make time in my schedule to learn the sequence of events that saw the barrel of a 105mm LeFH 18/40 getting stuck in the turret ring of a T-34 .

Also what neatly removed the rear half of this Fiat M13/40.

Anybody remember the Maus from last page? This is what became of it.

And since I am back on heavies, here is an early venture into the field: the Fiat 2000. Designed to give the Italians their own armor corps during WWI, only two prototypes were completed by Armistice Day. Notable for being the second tank (after the FT-17) to carry its main armament (65mm/L17) in a fully-revolving turret, and six machine guns in the hull. One of them was sent to Libya for a grueling two-month compaign covering almost a full mile. They wisely decided it was too damn slow to be of any use and sent it back home.

Soviet T-28s on parade. Another Land Dreadnaught, with a main 76.2mm turret and two secondary machine gun turrets. It was a bit more successful than the T-35.

The German's first attempt at a heavy tank, the Neubaufahrzeug was another multi-turreted behemoth, with both 75mm and 37mm guns. Five were built, and three actually fought in Oslo. One got bogged down in swamp and was destroyed.

The Brits seem to be something of a well of tank innovation. Not only did they make the first one, but they also made the first tankette, and the first multi-turreted tank. This is the Vickers A1E1 Independent. 3-pounder gun and four .303-caliber MGs.

The Soviet SMK was a bid to replace the T-35. It lost to the better-armored KV series. Armament was a 76.2mm gun and a 45mm gun.

The Soviet KV-2 was a CS variant of the KV heavy tank, and was a very distinctive vehicle. The big boxy turret housing the 152mm howitzer was so heavy that its motor could not be traverse it uphill.

If you want too embed enormous images please use spoilers so peeps on slow connections can skip your super size pics, or at least have the option of doing so.

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