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Most awesome tank pic

This fellow doesn't quite have the idea of a tank yet, but he's got the essential components.

Another do-it-yourself AFV, Marvin Heemeyer's Killdozer.

In action.

A model of a tank designed by Leonardo DaVinci. If he'd actually built this....

It wouldn't have been good.

The peddle tank.... oh, man... the boller hat, the white rim wheels, the tiny shield of thin sheet metal... i think he might of been serious too, there was a scotsman who thought he'd solved the problem of trench warfare by "inventing" a shovel with a hole in it to poke a rifle through, making the shovel a small gunshield. He didn't realise bullets penetrate shovels rather easily. If he'd thickened the metal it'd be a really heavy shovel with a hole in it, pretty useless for digging!

The absurd "Elephant with a Pea-Shooter", the British Matilda I infantry tank. Germans quickly discovered that it was all but immune to anything less than the powerful 88mm. But, with a single .303 or .50 caliber Vickers gun for armament and a top speed of abotu 8 miles per hour, it did not do much of anything else, so they generally contented themselves with blowing its highly exposed tracks off and laughing at it.

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