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Where are you from?

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I reside in the DFW area of Texas. It's similar in many respects. The people here are, however, much more happy to be from Texas than Floridians are happy to be from Florida. And people really do wear Stetson hats every-bloody-where.
Not in the metropolitan cities ;D but further out from the major cities yes, they're everywhere.

...and here, representing the world's most taxed country, we have Iroel from, you guessed it, Denmark. More precisely somewhere on SjŠlland, the exact place varying according to where I got lost.

NYC herself, baby! Born and raised - although I'm going to school elsewhere in New England these recent years. It's a pretty nice 80-ish˚F here today, but the humidity makes things rough (that, and millions of sweaty people on broken subway cars with no AC. You've heard about them, and I'm here to tell you they most certainly exist).

Boston. Record breaking rain for the past several weeks, or rather, the record for rain was broken a fair while ago. 2 sunny days in a row is a record recently--I feel like I'm in England

I'm from Split, Croatia. And no thanks, I've already heard all of the lines about how its population and politicians are all caught in an eternal "split" I'd like to live somewhere else for at least several years, more for the sake of change than improvement.

Wikipedia entry on Croatia
Wikipedia entry on Split

Uncyclopedia entry on Croatia

I am from Sol III, Orion Arm, Milky Way. Exact directions is a little difficult, but you should look for a fluff in the bubble blown out by the precursor to the Geminga pulsar. Radio shell starts at about 80 ly.

Hey I live around there too! Maybe I could stop by sometime.

<<< The great (and often frigid) state of North Dakota USA.

We have two seasons... Winter and Street construction.

3/12 months we got road construction, we label this season "Reckless Driving"
9/12 months we got snow, we label this season "Uncontrollable Reckless Driving"

The only month without recorded snow fall here in ND is July.

Central Valley, CA here.. we like to call it the armpit of California...

I miss the other places I have lived.


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