Character Creation Discussion

Character Creation Discussion

Use this as the sounding board for questions and ideas regarding character creation, be it ideas for builds, character backgrounds, or just what is legal for use within RPGA play.

If I was wanting to be able to use an instrument for RPing, would I be able to or would it require a feat or skill.

Sorry for asking here, but I've had a look at the rules and can't find it.

Playing an instrument or any other skills that your character has for the sake of roleplaying can be just written in. If it doesn't affect mechanics, you don't need to represent it in mechanics -- that's one of the nice simplifications of this system as opposed to earlier ones.

Hazzah! that makes this more interesting..

but it means i have to find a better background.. hmm...


Originally Posted by No One
Hey Geek I have a question, got a couple of ideas for characters and builds. One though involves a Drow Rogue Sniper, but I'm not sure how he would be recieved (his personality/backstory none withstanding).

Basically would a drow be something accepted in a major city at all like Baulder's gate?

I know Drows are generally not trusted, even hated, but not sure if its to the point where they would try and keep him out of cities, arrested on site kind of thing, etc.
No, while the majority of Drow are wicked Lolth followers, it's not unheard of for some to leave the Underdark and make a new life on the surface, or to rebel and look for adventuring or mercenary work on their own. Read the section of the FRPG on drow adventurers for more information or ideas.

But, to answer your question, a drow adventurer may not be warmly received, but neither will they be arrested on sight, especially in a major, eclectic city like Baldur's Gate.

Ah thanks Geek.

I'll have something up soonish since I've got most of it worked out.

Sorry for all of the "newbish" questions.

App is up.

If you, or anyone else has any questions, comments about anything, whether the backstory seems to cliche or the character sheet doesn't make sense please let me know. I handle (good natured) criticism well.

So, somehow having them reset my password let me access the WoTC Help system. Weird, but whatever.. then they tell me I already have a valid number, which I guess must be my > 10-year-old DCI number or somesuch.

Right. As Psion's are legal, I'll go ahead and build one of them up. Possibly a Kalashtar, I think.

Got my hopes up for a moment, I tried to reset my password to, but didn't work.

Oh well, still waiting for a response from Customer Help.

Originally Posted by Fodder View Post
I don't Believe you have to be able to read or write to use a ritual book. Page 221 of the PH2.

"Some ritual casters record their rituals in an unorthodox manner. They inscribe rituals on cured hides, etch them into stone tablets, or paint them onto armor or weapons. Remote cultures and isolated ritual casters have even more esoteric methods of storing and encoding their rituals, from patterns of knots tied in rope to tiny statuettes displaying the required body motions, or even tubes of glass that convey the ritual through shape and color. No matter what form it takes, a variant ritual book still requires a 50 gp investment. "

So you could have it braided in your hair, or painted on your skin. It still cost 50gp though. Of corse if you Want to forfeit the rituals I'm not trying to make you take them. Just offering something that might intrest you.
Sorry for posting this here, but Id didn't know if Grisha checks the Game Fourm.
Well, thanks for pointing out. But I think this character is still better off as latent Ritual Caster, so when he socializes a bit and learns to read and write he can use conventional ritual book.


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