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Humorous Ad Placement

I'm a big fan of that
which I'm staring at right now...
ad that reads:

"Play Dungeons & Dragons? Play a FREE D&D style fantasy TEXT RPG in your browser. Play NOW!"

This sounds like a great idea to me. Heck, playing text-based D&D right in my browser? Brilliant! :rolls eyes:

I think they get money if we click on them.


Just another funny ad. To help with context, I put these pictures in that thread earlier:

I always get dating service ads. Chinese, Arabic, Russian...I've gotten them all.

However, my favorite one has been the lesbian dating site.

Straight guys would love to use a lesbian dating service...right...

Honestly, why aren't they sending Hammie the Latina ones???

Originally Posted by Undead Pillager View Post
There's a giant Scientology campaign going on the internet, actually. It would be funny to see one of those adds pop up when a character gets charmed or dominated in game
Or when some group of bandits foolishly believes your gear is worth less than your life (and therefore, you might actually give it to them if you threaten them). :P

One that Squeak found.

People. If your picture is too large to fit WITHIN the post boundaries, either crop it or place it in spoilers.

Also, do NOT post pictures of other members using profanity...

What profanity? It was an advertisement for a water tank. My exact comments were "he he he".

Clea was not talking about yours, she was talking about Call me Fate 6 posts up...


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