Shopping thread

Troll is right, CP, you have to reconsider what you are going to buy! Or choose between any of them!

I will choose between them, the axe can wait as well as the shield, I forgot that one. My brain just is not working for me today.

I will go with Banded Mail of Light Fortification. Since he is a dwarf and they normally like to keep their weapons until they break and than they use those pieces to make new weapons.

I still have some other things I need for traveling. One of them thar
Handy Haversack
bottomless backpacks will come in handy.

Aside from what was set aside for Rawhide (thanks!), I didn't mean to purchase anything.

So, 4997.99 + 431.16 (carrying) - 150 (potion of bullís strength) = 5279.15 gp

The gp limit of the elven town is 8000gp!! Apart from the limit, there might be also a case by case depending on the party's requests!!
No problem with weapon enhancements!!

Do they have any pearls of power either level 1(1000gp) or 2(4000gp)?
Circlet of mages P86 MIC 5000gp
Darkwood shields?
Coin available: 5699.22gp
Boramin purchases a Circlet of mages P86 MIC 5000gp
leaving 699.22gp in his savings.

Arteris would buy if available a Belt of Growth (MIC p.73, 3000gp)

How much do we have to spend? Can Daerwol afford Gauntlets of Ogre Power (4000gp)?


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