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1001 uses for cantrips

1001 uses for cantrips

What are the most creative uses for the D&D 4e wizard cantrips that you can think of? (If cantrips exist in other systems, and are called caster level 0 spells or something, by all means include those too but you may want to note the system.)

Here's an example I liked:

1) Using the Prestidigitation cantrip, levitate a handful of water into a lock and hold it in place. Use another Prestidigitation cantrip to freeze the water. As the ice expands, it may burst the lock.

2) Use it to flavor water. Best non-alcoholic beer ever
3) Do the same with cakes made of lentil beans - takes just like filet mignon!
4) Untie a knot holding up a 1000 pound weight so that it lands on the bad guys
5) Create an illusion of a paladin passing gas when he is having a conversation with the queen.

Originally Posted by Squeak View Post
2) Use it to flavor water. Best non-alcoholic beer ever.
Squeak, you're a genius.

I know.

It works especially well when trying to get someone drunk -- you are doing shots of water, they are doing shots of tequila. Or alternatively, the watered down wine the pansy elf thinks he's drinking? It's really 150 proof firewater. I figure every good restaurant should have at least a few low level wizards to keep things tasty.

In the same vein...
6) Conceal the presence of poison in food.
7) Win bar bets to eat disgusting things or render squeamish others unable to eat innocuous things.
8) Show a vegetarian what food tastes like.
9) Feed a vegetarian meat prepared to look and taste like tofu! Then explain to the vegetarian what she's done.
10) For the really cruel version of the above, feed someone their family. Make it taste like chili.
11) Give the villain the sound and odor of resounding flatulence right when he reaches the climax of his monologue! I actually did this in a game once and the DM was so furious he broke a bunch of game rules to have
who we weren't even supposed to know was the villain at the time - but come on it was so obvious, he even had a goatee!
the villain insta-kill my character and then quit the game in a sulk!

Only Prestidigitation, or all cantrips?

Mage hand, for example can:

12) Lift a lady's skirt at the opportune moment
13) Present you with that guy's lunch
14) Pull the villain's cloak up over his head at a crucial moment, buying your party a few valuable seconds.

Well I used Ghost Sound for the flatulence since it has a longer range and I wasn't sure Prestidigitation could make it quite resounding enough. But Prestidigitation for the odor. Had to spend two standard actions to pull it off but well worth it.

Mage Hand is the best cantrip, it has loads of uses.
15) Have someone in the party Dominate the BBEG and
and prance around like a little girl, order his troops to surrender, and sing the party's praises, all those things you normally do when you Dominate the BBEG
command him to drop his weapon then snatch it away with your Mage Hand.
16) Trigger traps remotely.
17) Throw a ring into a volcano.

Nothing says a Mage Hand has to be visible, so you can do a lot of nifty things with an invisible Mage Hand (like 12.)
18) Pick your nose, but don't let anybody see that you're picking your nose! With magic!
19) Make objects hover, and use Ghost Sound to make spooky ghost noises too!
20) Snatch a dead rat away from a cat, and make it scurry around in a crude facsimile of life.

I'm surprised nobody's thought of any kind of use for Prestidigitation's ability to make things invisible.

21) Turn a whoopie cushion invisible
22) Pluck the villain's magical death wand, which he is going to use to enslave the world, from his hand just before he uses it
23) Pull a chair out from under the snobby noble (or just one of your companions that's pissed you off)

On the same line of thought (that is, revenge against your own companions) you can torment your companions in any number of ways:
24) Pulling down their sheets in the middle of the night (extra fun if it's a female)
25) Turning their tent/sleeping bag/pillow/what have you into a bright light in the middle of the night
26) Make noises go off in their ears, loud enough to wake them without disturbing your other allies.

27) Use flare as an actual emergency flare. At least it actually has a use that way.
28) Use Mage Hand to pull the BBEG's trousers down at an inappropriate moment.

29) Use mage hand to make food float around at a fancy dinner party.


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