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I hate places that install double doors and then always leave one locked for no reason at all.

I really hate choosing the wrong door.

Would you like to close the thread? It's just a place where we can say "man, this annoys us" and end up with anecdotes about "people are idiots".

If I was being serious then the thread would already be closed.

I hate people that take my jokes seriously.

I am an English Major in college... and I hate bad grammar. The english language isn't exactly hard to learn!

Sorry. I have been talking to morons most of the day.

Grammar Nazi strikes again: Its whine... not whinge. (I know. I know... Whinge is slang for whine. Complaining just makes me feel better about life.)

(English is the hardest language to learn as a second or other language.)

I hate the lack of logic some people undergo when making decisions. Example: While I was on prac teaching Japanese, a parent pulled her student out of our Japanese class, claiming that she didn't want her child "leaning the language of the bad guys in world war 2".

She then enrolled her kid in German.

No joke.

(And speaking of jokes, sorry Michael!)

If you're serious about stopping the telemarketers, ask for their company and the full name of the caller if it's a non-electronic voice. Tell them, after that, that you will go to court if they call again. This puts the onus on the caller to deal with the situation and ensure you aren't called again. Just track the names, dates & times of calls on a notepad.

If it's a non-electronic voice with keypad entry, spam keys that aren't being asked for. (This also works with support hotlines) - The # and * keys are usually good ones to hammer since they aren't often used. This generally forces them to pick up the phone and talk to you in person (it can also be very annoying to them, as it harasses a more limited staff). After this, you can take the steps in paragraph 1.

Thank you. I shall apply those steps at once. Or, at about noon, it would seem.

I'm annoyed with the old treasurer of my re-enactment group. I've been voted in to that job and she's making life difficult. She was treasurer for a good 5 years, so she has a bunch of documents I need and I've asked her about 3 times now to send them to me so I can use them and she hasn't even replied, much less sent them; her filing system is a joke, it took me a good hour to work it out. She's a nutjob!


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