Application Thread

Application Thread

Please post all applications here.

Make sure you include the following:
  • PERSONALITY - How do you respond to your environment? People? Animals? Stress? The cataclysm?
  • APPEARANCE - How do you look? What do you wear? Is your hair messy? Are your eyes crooked?
  • HISTORY - What's your life been like so far? How did it change when everyone up and died? How have you coped?
  • POSITIVES - What makes you a valuable addition to a group? What are your skills?
  • NEGATIVES - What makes you a pain in the butt to deal with? What quirks or bad habits do you have? I want at least one from everybody.
  • THE INFO - All the pertinent details. Character sheet and anything else you find pertinent.

Name: Justin Sampson
Occupation: Ex-Military Hunting Guide and Tracker
Description: A wiry man, Justin is about 5 and a half feet tall, and weighs in at just under 140 pounds. He never shaved after he left the Army, and his rugged appearance reflects it. He has dark brown hair and gray eyes, and several scars. The most prominent one is actually three that nearly bisect his face, from his left eyebrow to midway down his right cheek.

Personality: Justin is a quiet person, rarely saying a word unless he has to. Most people that meet him would say that he is surly and disposed to violence. Those few that know him, however, would say that he is a good man to call friend. They would also add that his "surliness" stems more from his being unwilling to make friends quickly than being antisocial. And while he does have a temper, he is still loyal to his friends.

Positives/Negatives: Justin has a quick temper, that seems to stem from a Napoleon complex. If anyone remarks about his height in any tone that he doesn't like, Justin will fly into a rage. However, he does have several good points: He will never abandon a comrade; He will never quit a task he has taken on; His integrity is unshakeable; and once given, his word is never broken.

Background: Justin is a gun-nut through and through. Since he was ten, he has hunted every season. He hunted animals that were allowed: deer, boar, even bear. When he turned eighteen, Justin joined the Army. He achieved a Hawkeye rating in Markmanship as a Basic Training recruit, and never lost it. After Basic, he went Infantry, and from there, into the Rangers.

He participated in several missions, from PoW recovery to hunting down terrorists. He was awarded the Silver Star for rescuing war prisoners from insurgents, and the Bronze Star for single-handedly routing an ambush sprung on his patrol.

Justin served 5 years, then suddenly decided to leave. His temper was a big factor, since he never kept a rank higher than Specialist longer than a couple of months before he did something, usually getting into trouble for smarting off to a ranking noncom, and once an officer, that ended up with him being dropped in rank.

After the Army, he took up employment however he could. Mostly, he guided yuppies and tourists during hunting season, and made enough money to buy his current wheels, a Toyota pickup truck. During off season, he helped track fugitives through the wilderness, which helped keep him in beer and pizza.

In fact, Justin was tracking a fugitive through the desert when the wave of death passed. He came across the man he was tracking, a fellow wanted for armed robbery and murder, lying dead in the sand. No other tracks, no animals nearby, nothing could explain why this guy just keeled over. Justin, pragmatic as usual, covered the body with an old oilcloth tarp, and drove back to Phoenix to alert the authorities. When he got into the city, there were more, many more bodies in the streets, along the sidewalks, even several at some of the cafes, as if they died instantly during their lunch hour. Justin decided to leave off going to the police station, since he figured that there would just be more of the same.

For the next year, Justin did odd jobs for whatever survivors remained, for whatever supplies he could acquire. He went home to collect his guns, and lived on the road. He may not have been very personable, but he was a survivor still.

More to Come

Name: Annabelle Jackson
Occupation: Rural
Age: 19
Class: Smart Hero (but not that smart )

At 5'5" and still chubby even after a year of uncertain rations, Anna isn't about to win any contests for most beautiful survivor. She has a round face, puggish nose, baby-blue eyes and a mouth that perpetually pouts in the manner of a displeased four-year-old, leading to her family-given nickname, 'Baby-doll'. Her straw blond hair is short and usually worn in pigtails under a ragged wide-brimmed hat. While her clothes vary depending on what she can find, she always wears the same camouflage coat and hiking boots, both meant for men much larger than herself. The boots are laced with scavenged electrical cords and the coat has a confederate flag sewn on the inside. Anna smokes if she can find cigarettes, chews snuff if she can't, swears loudly if she is out of both, and is rarely comfortable without some form of gun or explosive on her person.

Anna loves God, America, and hunting... in that order. Some people find her crude and confrontational--every fourth word out of her mouth is an expletive and her favorite way to deal with criticism is "Say that again and m'gonna beat your..." Others enjoy her dirty jokes and stories, down-to-earth sensibility, and uniquely fatalistic optimism. Although she is unattractive both in appearance and personality, it seems someone forgot to tell her that, and she will flirt with any man she meets shamelessly. With most of the women in the world dead she is much more successful than she used to be, something Anna refers to as "th' beautifyin' benefits of the apocalypse". She can be blatantly racist and antisemitic, but the difficulty of survival and the necessity to find allies has tempered this somewhat. Anna in a nutshell: she's common as mud, tough as nails, loose as a fat kid's bicycle and damn near fearless.

Positives and Negatives:
Anna's no coward and makes a dependable companion. She's a fair shot with most firearms and knows a number of unorthodox ways to blow things up, but she's more than a little trigger happy and tends to waste ammunition. She can be very generous with her supplies if someone truly needs them, sometimes to her own detriment. Anna is at home in forests and on the road, but gets claustrophobic and nervous in cities. She is pretty decent with a tool kit but fails at using electronics and has no use for books. Although her sense of humor and up-beat personality can become grating, it takes a lot to get her mood down, making her valuable for morale if nothing else. "Give up" doesn't seem to be in her vocabulary.

Anna is the youngest of three children, all girls, much to her father's initial disappointment. When the doctors said that Mrs. Jackson's health would make another pregnancy dangerous, he gave up on the hope of having a son to take fishing and hunting and drinking. Instead, he concentrated on the next best thing--turning Anna into a tomboy, not that she needed much encouragement.

They lived in the north-west armpit of Louisiana, all five of them (and her second oldest sister's three-year old) cohabiting a trailer-house behind the gas station/nuts and souvenir shop that they ran. They were next to a road but not a very busy one and it always seemed that they were making just enough to get by. Anna's mother was their main reason for not moving elsewhere--since her health was declared unstable she rarely moved from the couch and claimed that the shock of packing up and moving would kill her dead. Her days were typically spent yelling at the television and feeding scraps to her flatulent bulldog, Pighead.

Still, the pay was enough for satellite T.V., beer and cigs and cheetos and poptarts, and a steady supply of ammunition. Anna's favorite thing to do was go hunting and shooting with her father (Daddy's girl through and through) and her least favorite was going to school, where she did poorly and the kids made fun of her weight. Anna's father was a stereotypical southern gun nut. He kept his collection in a shed near the trailer, mostly, but guns had a habit of turning up in unexpected places, like behind the refrigerator or under the bed. When shooting tin cans and fuzzy animals became too routine he and Anna and her uncles would try making fireworks in the back yard. Although it is a delicate process under normal circumstances, the inevitable addition of a six pack lent their creations a chaotic charm and also left Anna without eyebrows for a couple months when she was fourteen. They loved anything loud and destructive, and with nothing but the woods around them they were free to indulge.

Their yards were full of trash and a tire-less car, their trailer leaked, they were unhealthy and all of them on the road to heart attacks, but they were happy. Days were spent working and causing mayhem, nights were spectacular with bonfires and fireworks and barbecues. In the evenings and with a couple beers in him, Anna's father would tell exaggerated stories of their ancestors, General Jackson of the Confederate army and Andrew Jackson the seventh president (they were in fact related to neither).

The men in the family, plus Anna, enjoyed hunting trips into the surrounding woods. They were out there, stalking deer through the forest, when the Death struck. At first, Anna thought they were pulling a trick on her. Total silence, no responses to her calls... she searched for them, becoming more frantic with every moment, finding them one by one--her uncles, her cousins, and finally her father, lying in the dirt as though struck down but without a mark on them. Her horror was absolute; she cried and screamed at the quiet woods, begging what or whoever had taken them to reveal itself and try, just try, to take her down too. There was no response.

At last her rage quieted to grief. She dragged their heavy bodies to her father's pick-up truck and loaded them in the back with difficulty. A numbness came to her as she worked; her eyes were red and sore but no new tears fell as she drove back to the main roads.

Despite her own preoccupation Anna could see there was something wrong with the rest of the world too. Cars had run off the roads and crashed all over the place, into trees or each other. At the first couple accidents she got out to check for survivors, but even when the damage was minor all the passengers were dead. Was she the only person left alive? With increased panic she raced home, sliding the truck to a stop outside the gas station and jumping out before it had even stopped moving. She burst into the station, only to see her sister's corpse slumped against the counter. With a sob she ran back to the trailer, but Pighead's whining grunts told her all she needed to know before she opened the door. The smell of death was heavy there, and the dog was the only living creature left inside.

Afraid that grief would consume her if she didn't do something, Anna set about digging graves for her family. It quickly became apparent that she could not dig fast enough, nor deep enough, for all of them. Cremation would be the answer, but she couldn't bear the thought of watching them burn. At last she decided to move everything she could use out of the trailer and put them inside. The fire blazed well into the night, consuming everything.

Thus began Anna's adventures as the last person left alive... or so she thought. She and Pighead took up residence in the gas station, and after awhile a trickle of survivors began to pass through the area. Most were looking for people who had been close to them, and many of them wanted to trade what meager possessions they had for food or guns. Some even tried to rob her, but Pighead and her father's shotgun made short work of those intentions.

She stayed there for over a year, until the food ran out in the store and the ammo was running low for trading and defense. There was no reason to stay any more though. She loaded what gasoline and supplies were left into the pick-up truck, along with Pighead. Travelers had told her of a city to the west, where a lot of survivors were gathering, and she had nothing better to do.

I like to play challenging characters and Annabelle definitely falls under that category. Just keeping her speech and behavior within the site's profanity rules will be hard but I have no intention of breaking them. She is my IRL opposite in every way, but I wouldn't just let her become a parody of a person, I would play her honestly.
About the Character

Basic Information
Name: Jeremiah Rook
Class: Smart Hero (Advanced Class will be really mixed, I can't find one that I would want to take to 10...)
Pre-cataclysm Occupation: Ex-Automotive Engineer / Garage Mechanic (currently using Entrepreneur, but if there is a Charismatic, I will change it)

Appearance: For a man who has touched his sixth decade a year ago, Jeremiah Rook is still quite hale and spry. Neither do his graying hair and beard affect his mind, which has remained as strong and swift as it used to be when he was younger. The wiry old man used to keep himself in his mechanic jumpsuit practically every day and there was even a time when he was more used to suits and ties, but for these days, he keeps himself in whatever suitable clothes he could salvage.

Personality: Stern, demanding, but honest and principled; that was how Jeremiah was seen by his peers back home, before the cataclysm. Around his neighborhood, he was seen as a respectable figure, even when he himself didn't realize it. Though his cool demeanor and blunt tongue made them wary of him at first, his virtues and also his willingness to lend a hand without a hesitation made him both popular and respected. Even during these harrowing days after, Jeremiah Rook remains a respectable man.

On the days before the wave of death passed, Jeremiah Rook made his living working as an owner of a garage in a small town not far out of Tucson. But two decades before, he lived a far more different life in the capitol, Phoenix. The name Jeremiah Rook then was famed and renowned in the business world, as the man strode into the scene. He had began his career as an automotive engineer on dusk of the industrial boom at that period, and then struck out to make his own company afterward.

Maybe because of the consuming drive for his work and his tough and stern personality, it was not until Jeremiah was in his late thirties that he managed to find a pretty little wife. Or maybe it was the other way around, that it was Rosalind, who was both younger and much more mischievous, that finally managed to snag the confirmed bachelor? Regardless, it was sometime after their marriage that Rosalind managed to become pregnant with his child. But this period of happiness did not last that long.

Maybe it was because he was so upright and principled that people of shady background started congregating around him. Most were indeed charmed by Jeremiah's pure ideals and had turned a new leaf, but some were there just to pull him down. It was a recipe for disaster, and sure enough, Jeremiah's self-started company collapsed from within. His betrayers ran away, while his allies pointed at each others and threw accusations around.

But it wasn't just his peers that had tried to pull Jeremiah Rook down. Whether fate, gods, or demons, the world itself seemed to conspire to bring down this man.

On the same day that Jeremiah's company went belly-up, Rosalind went into labor. Jeremiah was so busy into taking care of his company's assets and workers that the frantic phone calls from the hospital went unanswered. When he was fighting debt-collectors for the livelihood of his workers and shareholders, his wife was fighting for her and their child's lives. Too late it was when a phone call from the hospital managed to get past the communication deadlock to Jeremiah. Rosalind had died from hemorrhaging on the operating table.

Though the child, their child, survived, Jeremiah was struck hard by the news. He fell upon a bleak depression, and it took him weeks to recover. By then, his company had been declared bankrupt. Deciding that there was no longer ties that held him to Phoenix, Jeremiah took his newborn son, whom they had decided to name Leonard after Jeremiah's own long deceased father, and left for a town near Tucson, where Rosalind's close relatives lived in.

By taking some loans out of those relatives, Jeremiah decided to return to the basics, and bought out the old and run-down automobile garage in town. He remodeled the second floor into living quarters, not willing to be separated from young Leonard. When he had errands to do where a baby wouldn't be safe, he called upon Leonard's doting maternal grandparents. The situation worked out fine, that was until Leonard started growing up. Jeremiah, being stern and imposing, had no idea of how to connect with a little child. He tried impressing his ideals and principles to the child, but he still felt that something was missing.

Occasionally, Jeremiah thought of remarrying, just that so young Leonard would feel the tender care of a mother, but he just couldn't get over his love Rosalind. And also, his guilt. Every time he looked upon Leonard's brown eyes, he was reminded of Rosalind's warm eyes. His son had become a serious and outspoken boy, whose heart was as kind as his mother's. Perhaps, unconsciously, it made him drew back from his own child.

The gap stretched further and further, till Jeremiah couldn't really tell what was going on his son's mind. Years passed, and Leonard grew to be an able teen. When the boy managed to gain the public-speaking scholarship and left for San Diego, Jeremiah felt relieved and also guilty for feeling relieved. But the complex he had over his son became more acerbated when Leonard suddenly called home one day to report his changing his major to Nursing.

For years, Jeremiah had tried to fool his own guilt by blaming the doctors, but then this happened. There was some terrible rows over long-distance calls, and some weeks of silence. But in the end, Jeremiah made peace with his own guilt, and accepted Leonard's decision. And because of his decision, Leonard had been taken off his own scholarship, therefore Jeremiah started sending him some additional funds as the boy had also worked part-time to fund the tuition. Still, their relationship returned to that stagnant state again.

This continued on for about a year longer, till the day when death came knocking. The small town where Jeremiah had made his home was depopulated in a single night. The survivors could be counted with a single hand, Jeremiah included. The survivors grouped together and left for Tucson, and all the while on the journey, each tried their best to contact their out of reach relatives. None answered, including Leonard. Though the other survivors persuaded and begged him to stay with the rest of the survivors on Tucson, where a small number of survivors had gathered and still trickling in, Jeremiah refused to stay. Driven by trauma and guilt, he traveled to San Diego.

It took him longer than a couple of weeks, a time filled with dread and terror, searching for Leonard before he managed to find the boy, who had fallen under a bleak depression, in a half-delusional state, trying to care for dead or non-existant patients. It took one to know one, so Jeremiah, experienced a depression before, dragged the boy away from the scene. Thinking the farther the better, Jeremiah brought Leonard back across the state border lines, but ran out of gas near it. Father and son then trekked across the emptied highway, but then after a dispute, discarded the idea of returning back to Tucson, and instead joined an enclave on New Arconia.

Since then, Leonard had recovered and set up a clinic for injuries, while Jeremiah helped the community with his skills as an engineer and mechanic.

Positives and Negatives
(+) He's an able handyman, and also a good bargainer too.
(+) Upstanding and respectable man who sticks to his principles.
(-) No capability in self-defense, or on offense either.
(-) Tends to be a bleeding heart.

Name: Leo Rook
Race: Human
Class: Dedicated Hero
Profession Pre-Apoc: Emergency Response Medic - Paramedic / Student in Medical School (UoC, San Diego)

Physical Description
Rooks face carries narrow features, but simple defining angles. His brown locks are cut shorter, bangs hanging over his forehead, and generally keeping out of the way of his important work. With soft brown eyes, he makes a rather handsome cut of a man. Rook stands roughly 6', with a lanky build that allows him the nimble dexterity and quickness he requires for his job.

Rook has a saving people thing. Whether it was when he was five and tattled on his friends for walking on top of the monkey bars, or just before the End of the World when he would respond to shooting calls for EMS and would brave gunfire to get to someone hurt. Later he may shake and drive himself crazy trying to figure out how he can be so foolhardy, but at the end of the day... Rook's passion is saving people. He remembers every single person he has treated, but he also remembers everyone he couldn't get to the hospital fast enough. He's a hopeful optimist trying to do the best he can, especially for those around him who can't.

Here we go:

Name: Barsidious "Sid" Jack
Age: 22
Class: Fast Hero
Occupation: Blue Collar

Appearance: Basidious (or Sid) is a tall fellow with longer brown hair that hangs down on his neck, usually unbraided. His tanned skin fits in with the desert enviroment of the area and also reflects his Native American desendance, although he doesn't look like a Native. His lanky composure makes him look slightly awkward but is usually covered by the overcoat he wears. His black duster, black cowboy hat, and alaround cowby outfit makes him appear as though he was transported through time from the Old West into the Modern era. He even carries a loaded six-shooter on his thigh underneath the black duster and on his back is the only thing that doesn't fit in: a short sword.

Personality: Sort of a happy-go-lucky personality that doesn't really excited about much. When something bad happens he usually says "Well that sucks" and just moves on. Stuck in an in between personality Sid usually doesn't get very sad or angry. He is an optimist.

History: Sid was born in the southern part of Texas to a cattle rancher. He grew up pretty much by himself, watching cattle and sucking on dry grass to pass the time. Once a week, he and his father would go into town to gather supplies for the cattle or perhaps buy some ammunition for shooting the coyotes that would come onto the property and annoy the cattle.

As any youngster Sid went to grade school and high school. He acquired some, but not a lot of, friends as he went about his studies. One thing that caught his attention in the course of learning was history, especially the history of the middle ages and of the early Western civilizations. When he had time, he borrowed books from the library about these time periods learning as much as he could. Of course this knowledge came into disuse as time went on but the love of these time periods never stoppped. In fact he begged his father to buy him an actual sword over the internet, which he did, and used it out in the fields, reliving battles of long past.

Sid got a job at a job at a local construction company in town when he was 18. For a few years he worked there, building mostly houses and small outdoor buildings. There wasn't much developmet in tall buildings or buildings of advanced types like high quality hotels so business was kind of slow. When he got off work Sid generally went home and waited fro dark and then went out to hunt coyotes using a .30-06 hunting rifle. When he got older he bought a heavy caliber revolver and hunted with that instead.

As time went on, Sid aged and became interested in new things. Around 19 years of age he began to get interested in a type of shooting called cowboy action shooting. It used a lever action rifle, shotgun, and one if not two revolvers to shot at targets in a certain amount of time. He went ot the local range and practiced for a few years until he was legally able to carry his handgun off of his property. At twenty-one he entered competitions and found that he enjoyed it.

But as luck would have it, his work went bankrupt shortly after and Sid was without work. Since there was not much work to be had in the small town besides farm hands or shop work, Sid decided to gather what little stuff he had and move farther west, after he had applied at, and was accepted, to a larger construction company in Arizona. Moving out there to meet with his new employers, Sid bought a small apartment in Pheonix (New Arconia?) and began work. Of course, until the morning of January 20, 2008. The rest is history-and future.

Positives: Always positive, always aware, easy to get along with, able to analyze situations well.

Negatives: Hard to get a reaction, when actually angry he explodes in a firey temper, likes to drink.

Link to Char sheet:

Picture Except with long hair and a black shirt underneath...

Name: Alexander "Zander" Carlen Hughes
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hometown: Sydney, Australia
Age: 27
Class: Fast Hero
Occupation: Adventurer

Pre-Apocalypse - Alexander was a wild spirit, roaming the earth in search of fame and fortune, living for cheap thrills and fast women. Daring and outgoing, Alexander was most comfortable at a party full of people that he had never met before. He lived life in the fast lane, always wandering and learning. His travels brought him across the globe where he met many nefarious people and learned an assortment of skills that he holds dear. He never stayed in one place too long and never made any true friends.

Post-Apocalypse - After the End of the World his life came crumbling down with the End of civilization. He spent most of the first few months vomiting and crying, hardly able to concede the events unfolding around him. Many nights he spent with a pistol pressed beneath his chin, hoping to gain the strength to one day pull the trigger.

As time went on he was forced to finally confront his fears as he ventured from his hole in the wall. He mustered what little strength he had inside of him and relied on the skills he developed over a lifetime of travels, however short that life was. Grim and sad, Zander (as he now refers to himself), approaches people warily and with a watchful eye but in the same hand he realizes the lone wolf will not survive long in the Wastes.

Appearance: Zander is well-built (though recently he has lost weight) and handsome. Brown unkempt hair hangs in a mess from his head. A dark stubbly beard dots his chin and cheeks which frame his thin face. Brown eyes that have seen too much sit in bruised sockets caused by little sleep. Zander dresses in dark mechanic's pants that are a bit too fitted around the legs coming up to a pair of black, dirty converse's. A thick flannel shirt pokes out from underneath a short leather jacket. Pouches and belts are strewn across his waist and shoulders as well as his thighs. Around his neck is a thick gray scarf and his hands are covered by fingerless gloves. His look is subject to change as he comes across various articles of clothing.

Background: Alexander was born in Sydney, Australia to unknown parents. He was left at a hospital, where his future foster-mother worked, with only a last name attached to his leg. John and Olivia Carlen took the newborn in and raised him as their own. Newly wed themselves, they were excited at the addition of the baby since they could have no children themselves. Conservative by all means, John and Olivia raised Alexander to respect authority and to be grateful of everything he received - but this was not his way. In school he rarely got along with his peers and as he grew older he longed to find his true heritage. When Alexander turned eighteen he ventured from his home with only the clothes on his back a little bit of cash he stole from his foster-parents and a will to discover who he was.

This event eventually led him to a crucial point in his life - his walkabout. After leaving home he wandered the streets aimlessly; he begged and grovelled for food and money hoping to find the answers of his past but in actuality he was just as lost and confused as before. That was until he left the city and happened upon an Aborigine named, Balun, who took sympathy towards the abashed adolescent. He took the boy in and taught him the ways of the Aborigine - but most importantly, the walkabout. Armed only with a knife and walking stick, Alexander set out into the treacherous expanse of wilderness known as the Australian outback. There he survived off the land for many, many months. Through the many long months, Alexander searched his soul as he stared at the night's sky, alone and afraid. After a year, Alexander returned to Balun, as a man. Balun had nothing else to teach him but he gave him in parting, an Aboriginal sword.

The next several years he spent living as a nomad, traveling the world and living off the land. That was until that fateful day...

Positives: Zander is a survivalist who knows how to live off the land. Genuinely kindhearted, Zander cannot willingly turn a blind eye to one in real need. He is a quick thinker though he is cautious and wary of his surroundings.

Negatives: Zander's biggest flaw is his initial dis-trusting of people followed closely by his hate of incompetent people. If some one is really in a state of need, Zander will be the first one to lend a helping hand, but if someone has chosen ill out of stupidity, laziness or pride, Zander will often leave that person to their own devices.

Name: Aaron Carlson
Occupation: College Athlete/Frat Boy/amateur MMA fighter (on character sheet Athlete)

Appearance: Aaron is a mixed asian and caucasian. He is around 6 feet tall with an athletic build he is proud of and weighs in around 190 lbs. He's a pretty good looking guy, better than average, with short brown hair and brown eyes. He bares a small cut on his chin and another to the right side of his face around the cheekbone. Underneath the football pads that he wears is a wornout lettermans jacket of red with black sleeves and all the patches seem to have fallen off except for the number 81 on the left shoulder.

Personality: Aaron is definately what you would call a cocky person when it comes to doing anything physical. Since he has never before injured himself, the fact that he survived the apocalypse, and the mentality common among young men he has it in his head that he is invincible. He isn't one to back down from a challenge and is willing to put it all on the line if his abilities are the determining factor. Although he is part of the high school jock stereotype except he isn't dumb and he feels the need to protect those who can't defend themselves. He acts mostly on his instincts and doesn't plan things out very often preferring to go with the flow.

Pros: "I am great." Aaron is a great athlete and someone you definately would want in a fight. If there is a manual labor job that needs to be done he's your man. "I am great." He's willing to put his life on the line for his companions and those that he cares about wishing never to have another campus massacre again. He is very confident in his abilities and isn't afraid in a fight.
Cons "I am great." Aaron is really cocky about his athletic abilities and deems himself invincible. He tends to act on instinct mostly and isn't one to make detailed plans or strategies. Aside from being extremely athletic he hasn't trained much in anything else he relies mostly on his common sense.

History: Aaron is the only child of a construction worker and a piano teacher. They weren't poor nor were they rich, they just got by. Aaron was enrolled in the public school system and he got along fine with all the other kids. He's been into sports since the age of 5 when his father put him on a local T-ball team where he befriended some of his schoolmates also on the team. He even took some gymnastics classes at his mothers request.

When he reached high school he tried out for all sorts of sports; football, soccer, hockey, swimming, baseball, track and field, etc. He excelled at sports and was put on most of the varsity teams his freshman year. Due to being a sports star at the school he was quite popular. Although part of the jocks he would try to prevent himself from falling into stereotype by befriending the less popular kids, often conversing with them, sitting with them at lunch, or fending off bullies.

Upon graduation from high school he was given a basketball scholarship to Arizona State University which he took. While at ASU he joined the Alph Zeta Nu's fraternity and partied a lot and didn't seem to pay much attention to school figuring he'd go pro ball after college. With his lax efforts and school and only needing to train a couple times a week during the off season Aaron found himself bored and decided to take up mixed martial arts, which eventually made him want to enter into a few amateur fights. Aaron went 3-0 at the MMA club at the school and figured he'd go into some local fights after the basketball season. He kept in touch with his parents back in New York but never really was truthful about how his studies were going or about his new hobby.

Aaron wasn't prepared for what happened the day the apocalypse came. Initially shocked when he emerged from his dorm room to find several of his floormates slumped on the ground he tried dialing 911 several times but no one picked up on the other end. He tried dragging the closest person to the hospital but found only more bodies in the elevator. When he reached the 1st floor he realized that almost everyone was on the ground. There were a few others up and moving around so he asked them what was going on. One of them being a med student determined that everyone on the ground was dead and another person said that she couldn't reach anyone on any phone. Aaron tried calling his parents for an hour but only got their machine, he was depressed the first day and while those in the dorms still alive went around looking for other survivors and doing other things, he stayed in his room sobbing. The next day he was fine and joined the other survivors on campus and they formed a small community...for a few months.

Aaron mostly helped out by scavenging around the city and burying the bodies of the dead. His strength and athleticism allowed him to get into place the others couldn't. He was also the muscle in case they ran into any other looting parties. The campus community traded with other survivor groups from the city and other people travelling to the city from wherever trying to reach other survivors. They all kept to their own business or joined one of the several communities. It wasn't until a couple of months after the apocalypse that the wrong sorts of people showed up. An unassuming group of strangers showed up just like some of the previous groups. The campus community brought them into the school grounds hoping to trade and mingle but the strangers had other ideas. They came equipped with an arsenal of guns and opened fire on the students, faculty, and other survivors that joined the campus. The fight was greatly one sided as they didn't have nearly as many guns as the raiders. They had their way with the women and took as much of the supplies as they could carry then shot all those that remained.

During the campus massacre Aaron and a couple of others were on a trip into the city, ironically going to barter with another group for weapons to defend themselves in case of a raider attack. When they went back to the school they found the bloody scene and no trace of the raiders. With no one to go back to the small band scattered, the others went to join the other groups in the city and warn them while Aaron took what he could and set out on his own. He eventually found the city of New Arconia and went around working as extra muscle.

Name: Ethan Cross

Appearance: Ethan stands at 5í11Ē and has a lean athletic build, although some might consider him a little on the scrawny side. He has short, messy brown hair and mischievous blue eyes. For clothing, Ethan keeps things as simple as possible as to not restrict him when he is running. He is currently wearing a black tee shirt that has a large red anarchy symbol emblazoned on the front, and a slightly baggy pair of worn jeans. Most important to Ethan however, are his running shoes, specially made for activities like Parkour, and a pair of half flinger gloves. Ethan also wears a green and grey Cloud Walker Camelbak.

Personality: Fatalistic, cynical, and straight to the point. Ethan knows the world has come to an end, and thereís nothing he or anyone else can do about it. With his fate accepted, Ethan looks to make the most out of what time he has left, bring on the sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Ethan is only looking out for number one, and will only help others if he has something to gain from it. Above all, Ethan resents restrictions and being told what to do, and hates people who try to press their philosophies and ideologies onto others.

Positives/Negatives: While a bit of a selfish bastard, Ethan can be a fun person to be around as long as you share his particular outlook on life. A decent shot and generally upbeat, if not a little grim, Ethan actually enjoys life after the Apocalypse. He is self-sufficient and offers a unique set of stills to whoever he travels with. On the downside though, he is always looking for a chance to make his life a little cushier and more fun, even at the expense of others. On the other hand, Ethan will go out of his way to help those who are being unfairly subjugated and forced to do things.

History: Ethanís earliest memories are of the orphanage he grew up in, of the caretakers yelling at and punishing him for not being a good little boy. Ethan never really fit in with the other kids; it was his ostracized state that drew his foster parents to him. Religious, proper, and financially well off; Derek and Miranda Cross saw an opportunity to bring a poor young boy out of obscurity and let him lead a good life. Ethan however, was unaccustomed to his new situation, and had trouble coping. He resented the restrictions and standards set by his new parents, and reacted the way he always had. He rebelled, he cut school, not caring much for the prestigious institution they had placed him in, got into smoking and drinking at an early age, and took to causing mischief and mayhem wherever he could. It finally came to the point where no private school would take him, and so Ethan was put into the public education program. It was there that Ethan finally found a niche for himself.

There were others like him, outcasts and rebels. Most were simply posers, but some were not, and became the first real friends Ethan had ever had. And so for most of his Middle and High School years, Ethan was able to enjoy himself, at least to a degree. He passed the time however he wanted: smoking, sex, drugs, alcohol, and vandalism being his favorite pass times. It was during his the time he spent running from cops and wandering the streets and Ethan found an interest in Freerunning. Unlike the strict, orderly form of the Parkour it was derived from, Freerunning was all about freedom and aesthetic; it was almost a perfect analogy for his life.

When he turned 18, Ethanís parents all but disowned him, not that it mattered, as he had already been living with various friends for several months. Ethan did, however; receive a small sum of money in the form of a savings account his parents had set up for him when they adopted him. Using the money, Ethan and several friends bought an apartment and went about their usual mischief. Thatís how Ethan lived for two years; every now and then he would have to get a job to help support himself, but the communal living style worked out mostly to his advantage.

The Apocalypse came when Ethan was out on a little camping trip out in the desert with a few friends. They had spent the night drinking, smoking doing stupid crap with a rifle one of them had brought along, and just having a good time. When morning came, Ethan was the only one left alive. When he found his friends dead, he flipped out. At first Ethan thought he might just be having a bad trip, but the chilling truth soon settled in. Taking what he could, Ethan headed back into the city, he knew he was innocent, and there was nothing he could do. When the full scope of things finally crashed home, Ethan spent several days in a shocked stupor, in his apartment; he had moved several of his friendís corpses into a seldom used room and spent most of the time staring blankly at the wall.

For some reason, several days after the Event, Ethan felt the sudden urge to go running, so he did. It was while sitting on a rooftop overlooking the decollate wasteland of New Arconia that Ethan finally accepted what was going on. From that day on, he tried to live his life as normally as he could. Every now and then he would team up with some other survivors if he needed something from them, but Ethan tried to keep to himself for the most part. Why should he time himself down with new friendships and commitments, the world already ended once, what was to keep it from ending again?

Name: Damien "Whistler" Winters
Age: 26
Appearance: 6 foot tall Damien is somewhat unremarkable about his build with slightly above average in mass, what is remarkable is his fabolous agility and dexterity, coupled with his lean intelligence gives him the outward characteristics of a sly fox. Even though the disaster hit him hard Damien has tried to keep himself civil and clean, he wears his tidy long red and black hair in a ponytail and tries to stay clean from the grime that he usually work with. In warm weather he wears a plain black tanktop and a pair of blue denim jeans since they don't get in the way. In slightly colder weather he also wear a foddered leather jacket and a pair of half finger gloves.

Personality: Outgoing and friendly without
Did I spell that right?
predjudice to all he meets. He prefeers to be diplomatic about things even though he is no good at it, no matter the situation. He's the kind of guy you could meet at a bar and he'd treat you to a drink if he had the cash to spare even though he don't know you. He's slightly stingy with things that he scavage that he thinks are "cool" or "useful". It's also a bit easy to get on his nerves when he is lacking his precious ciggarettes.

- Very friendly and outgoing.
- A good scavenger.
- Not afraid of a fight.
- Loves to build/repair things.

- Ciggarette addiction with all it's drawbacks.
- Stingy with some 'loot'.

History: It all started with Lego, the building blocks of young fantasy. Even at young age Damien loved to build things, he always aced workshop in school as well as physics and chemistry. Being so sucsessful in such things the natural choice for Damien was engineering as he became older, and while he focused on electrical and mechanical engineering he later on took a degree in chemistry. For a time Damien worked on a scrapyard, not because there was no jobs for him but because it was close to home. There he became somewhat renown for his talent in restoring old cars and television sets to working order that they could later sell. It did not take long for him to be contacted by the goverment to do weapons research, the pay convinced Damien and he joined. He worked with the other researchers for a year, then the disaster struck. All of Damiens colegues died, his parents passed away and his friends dissapeared. Before Damien found New Arconia he lived on scavenging and avoiding any trouble he could.


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