New Feats

New Feats

Martyr [General]

You are no stranger to sacrifice or putting others before yourself. Your kindness now manifests itself through your healing touch.

Benefit: When you use your Lay on Hands ability on a stranger it heals three times the usual amount. When using it on someone well known it heals twice the usual amount.

Identity Theft [General]

You have become so accustomed to wearing the forms of others you find it easy to slip into new personas.

Benefit: Whenever you are in a form that is not your own but that you have worn for at least an hour previously you gain +3 to all Bluff and Disguise rolls.

Fire's Heart [General]

You have been touched by flame and you will never be the same.

Benefit: You gain +2 on all saving throws vs heat or fire. In addition all spells you cast with the Fire descriptor do +1 damage per die and have a DC one higher than normal.

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