Cast of Heroes

Cast of Heroes

Post what is public about your character here.

The Cast so far:


Harrot a Malex, (chimaera) - ubese mercenary sheet
Hopla Jocha, (Hopla Jocha) - cloned zabrak jedi sheet
IG-198, (justin_elliott) - independent IG-100 Magna Guard sheet
Khen Dhur, (flea) - jawa scoundrel sheet
Tavitha Medlina, (SEAL Point Sniper) - fallen jedi padawan sheet

Make sure you have added your sheet to the game.

Ereth Izon, (Ereth Izon) - Spiner spy sheet
Mist, naive, near-human cat-girl, former slave dancer sheet
Ivar Jaleo, (gygaxphobia) - corellian jedi sheet
Jibba Jabba ewok scoundrel, pilot

Khen Dhur: Thief. Gambler. Pervert. Secretly fears the small wookie - Jibba Jabba. Dressed in jawa robes. He will flirt with just about anything of the opposite sex.


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