Cast of Heroes

Cast of Heroes

Post what is public about your character here.

The Cast so far:


Harrot a Malex, (chimaera) - ubese mercenary sheet
Hopla Jocha, (Hopla Jocha) - cloned zabrak jedi sheet
IG-198, (justin_elliott) - independent IG-100 Magna Guard sheet
Khen Dhur, (flea) - jawa scoundrel sheet
Tavitha Medlina, (SEAL Point Sniper) - fallen jedi padawan sheet

Make sure you have added your sheet to the game.

Ereth Izon, (Ereth Izon) - Spiner spy sheet
Mist, naive, near-human cat-girl, former slave dancer sheet
Ivar Jaleo, (gygaxphobia) - corellian jedi sheet
Jibba Jabba ewok scoundrel, pilot

Khen Dhur: Thief. Gambler. Pervert. Secretly fears the small wookie - Jibba Jabba. Dressed in jawa robes. He will flirt with just about anything of the opposite sex.

Don't think he made it public.

updated with vehicles

updated with Player handles to go with PC names

updated with images



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