Part 1- Prelude to Defiance: Chapter 3 - Blue Deck

Part 1- Prelude to Defiance: Chapter 3 - Blue Deck

Episode 1: The Traitor's Gambit
Chapter 1: Prelude to Defiance
Part 3: Blue Deck

Sel Zonn Station, above Brentaal IV, in the quarantined V-deck...

The doctor and Switch's remaining thug have left bay V-14. Standing around with the heroes are, Maya an Alderaanian security agent, still somewhat injured from an imperial altercation and R5-B8, the astromech of Switch, the absent protocol droid information broker and aspiring crime lord. Notably absent is the small furry and ever sneaky freighter pilot, Jibba Jabba.

The heroes are: Hopla Jocha, a frightening looking red zabrak jedi, IG-198 an independent and dangerous IG-100 magna droid, Khen Dhur a jawa thief and pervert, and Mist, a curious and naive cat-girl, former slave in search of her friend Atton, who now has pet kowokian monkey lizard.

The heroes have been hired by Maya to help her gather her cargo and escape the station. She has a ship, The Banshee, in orbit ready to pick them up. It turns out her cargo is another security agent frozen in carbonite being held in the Blue Deck docking bay. Blue Deck is the nicest deck on the station, held for imperial loyalists and the wealthy.

R5-B8 is projecting a hologram of Switch, which announces, "The imperial's are flooding this deck, it is no longer safe. I suggest you follow R5 to one of my hide-aways and plot your course of action from there. It is the least I can do since you helped me dispatch my rival, Ganga Lor and his men." The droid beeps and chirps in agreeance and slowly begins walking down the steps that have been revealed behind the secret door of one of the storage containers in bay V-14.

At the bottom of the stairs, there is a small area with one of the station's factory installed escape pods. There are several lockers here and a treadwell droid with four arms is working on what appears to be an uninstalled docking clamp.

R5 continues broadcasting the hologram which provides half the light in the small room, the rest from the half-burnt out fusion lantern on the treadwell droid. The hologram asks, "What is your plan?"

Maya asks, "Good question, do we have a plan for Blue Deck?"

The Switch hologram states, "Maya cannot traverse Blue Deck, as she is known as wanted. At least not without disguise. Aliens are likewise not welcome, but nor are they unallowed altogether. The hangar you are aiming for is the main hangar. You will need to transmit the shield signal to your pickup ship if you mean pick up there, which means getting to the computers in the hangar as well as finding the cargo, hidden in plain sight in one of the storage rooms."

The kowokian monkey lizard seems fascinated with the hologram of Switch and leaves Mist to perch atop R5 and keeps passing his hands through the hologram.

"Yeah, I have a plan." starts the Jawa moving closer to the droid. "Let's not get caught this time." He scans the room quickly. "Where is that furry creep?"

Maya looks around, "I dont' see him." R5-B8 says, binary The hologram of Switch states, "Interesting..." as the kowokian monkey lizard tries to pop Switch's head repeatedly.

Maya seems not to notice what Khen said.


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